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founded 1 year ago

Windows 10 EoL is fast approaching, so I thought I’d give Linux a try on some equipment that won’t be able to upgrade to Windows 11. I wanted to see if I will be able to recommend an option to anyone that asks me what they should do with their old PC.

Many years ago I switched to Gentoo Linux to get through collage. I was very anti-MS at the time. I also currently interact with Linux systems regularly although they don’t have a DE and aren’t for general workstation use.

Ubuntu: easy install. Working desktop. Had issues with getting GPU drivers. App Store had apps that would install but not work. The App Store itself kept failing to update itself with an error that it was still running. It couldn’t clear this hurdle after a reboot so I finally killed the process and manually updated from terminal. Overall, can’t recommend this to a normal user.

Mint: easy install. Switching to nvidia drivers worked without issue. App Store had issues with installing some apps due to missing dependencies that it couldn’t install. Some popular apps would install but wouldn’t run. Shutting the laptop closed results in a prompt to shutdown, but never really shuts off. Update process asks me to pick a fast source (why can’t it do this itself?)

Both: installing apps outside of their respective stores is an adventure in terminal instead of a GUI double-click. Secure boot issues. Constant prompt for password instead of a simple PIN or other form of identity verification.

Search results for basic operations require understanding that what works for Ubuntu might not work for Mint.

While I personally could work with either, I don’t see Linux taking any market share from MS or Apple when windows 10 is retired.

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its good but heads up, Cosmic DE is around the corner ie by year end. Big hopes for it.

[–] [email protected] -1 points 1 month ago (1 children)

Just tried PopOS. I read up on cosmic de and like the idea. The first thing in a blog post is how cool their new Terminal is, and go into great detail about the changes Sadly, normal people won’t care about this, and I immediately think that this DE isn’t intended for people transitioning from Windows.

Pop OS failed to install due to secure boot. Not ideal, but they are upfront in the instructions about it.

During setup the prompt to connect an account hung. It didn’t time out or anything.

The Pop! shop informed me of some pending updates, which I said to go ahead and install. After a minute the UI hung and asked me to wait or force quit. After trying Wait a few times I decided to force quit it.

One of the apps inside is listed in the store but it’s an unofficial install? I cancelled it and will go through the manual install process (terminal, sigh)

[–] [email protected] 1 points 1 month ago

Popshop is notorious bad but allegedly this will be fixed in Cosmic