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Almost makes you associate racism and misogyny with the conservatism ideology….. almost. I’m sure a few more instances like this will solidify it for more people? Maybe?

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I say fire pit roasted, like a pig bbq.

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It has been. I started in this because I liked picking up kick ass enterprise hardware really cheap and playing around with what it can do. Used enterprise hardware is so damn expensive now, it’s cheaper and easier to do everything with consumer products and use the rx6700 in my gaming rig. Just don’t want that running llms and always on.

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Picked up an AMD instinct mi25 to try and do just that. Can get easy-diffusion working after some cussing and voodoo. Cannot get rocm to do ANY llm of any kind, feels like a waste of video ram

Also have a tesla p4 that runs most text-to-image models rather well, but have been unsuccessful at any llm either, even oobabooga can’t seem to run on it.

Have given up because the software stack keeps advancing and leaving my hardware behind. I don’t have $3000 for an a100 or $1300 for an mi100 sooo… until the models can run on older/less powerful hardware, I’m probably sitting out of this game. Even though I’d love to be elbow deep in this one.

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Apple: bricks phone with unapproved part. Samsung: “hold my beer”

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“You used a non-Ford approved part. For your safety, we have disassembled your vehicle and reported you to the consumer protection police. You have lost your license and the full balance of your loan/lease is due in 24 hours.”

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One of the necessary crystals you must ingest or your muscles and brain start misfiring.

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The same copy/paste comments on multiple posts. What kind of bot are you?

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Illegitimate court, no one should listen to any ruling they make, and every judge appointed by the orange sandwich needs to be removed

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Every judge appointed by the orange sandwich is illegitimate and needs to be removed

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Setting up my server as a newbie some years ago, I did not have the ability to purchase more then one 8TB hard drive. Outgrew that rather quick and now I have two additional 16TB drives, in a Just A Bunch Of Disk configuration, mounted to different /mnt mount points. I know this is not ideal, but lacking the ability to expand further or buy new drives for a new zfs pool and transfer, I don't have much of a choice but to wipe the drives, set up a zfs raid and re-download everything.

I have everything set up in docker-compose files, so I'm pretty sure I just need to keep those and the folders where the configs are, modify the compose files with the new file structure and... I am unsure where to go from here. Will everything start being grabbed as soon as my dockers spin up? Is there an additional procedure I need to do to make sure I don't wipe my existing config files with blank empty ones? Is there an easier way of doing this?

submitted 3 months ago* (last edited 3 months ago) by [email protected] to c/[email protected]

I have an 8gb Raspberry Pi 4 that has been a workhorse for years. I keep it for my not intense but essential networking purposes,, Homepage, etc., because I can run it over PoE (edit: Power over Ethernet), so it is always on as long as my network is up.

It is growing long in the tooth, and I find myself wanting to replace it with something a bit more capable. Looking at the 8gb Pi 5 at $80 plus another $30 for a PoE hat, I wonder if there is something out there that would be a better value for running PoE? Can you convert a micro pc over to PoE? Does anyone have any recommendations for computers that run off PoE or can be converted to PoE?

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