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Also there was the whole "avoiding the second great depression" thing we were careening towards when he took over.

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What's your source for that?

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You don't think leadership skill should matter in a President...?

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Hey, you're taking over Picard's job :)

One thing I've been surprised about with Everett's comics after buying a collection is how many I have sympathy for, or connect with - considering it's over 100 years old (and I'm not particularly a fan of violence as a response to anything).

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Unless he lived at the shooter's address, it supposedly wasn't.

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Will he actually, though? Or just say he will?

I think the only way that could happen is if it just happened to be something he wanted.

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Nah. This is a good thing.

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Dont understand how this myth still persists, since it is immediately corrected every time I've seen someone claim it.

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It's going to be Harris.

But I hope it's someone else.

I don't have anything against Kamala and I think she'd be better than Biden. But democrats really need someone they can get excited about. Not having that is why they lost 2016, and why 2020 was as close as it was.

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That's definitely an important thing to focus on here.

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4 months is plenty of time for a full campaign in most countries.


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