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You are banned for saying the T-word.

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Cirno, mascot of 9front

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 And in a hint of a spark, comes a rare moment,
 no more than once in a hacker's lifetime,
 where the machine reveals itself, before
 it quickly fades away again in a gust of perl.
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thank you, me ow botage.

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clean up after yourself when you're done please

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Beautiful, thank you for sharing.

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I can't believe some anime girls just went and covered up the czech flag after we painstakingly moved it for 4 hours by 2 pixels to appease its authors.

The soviet union truly is dead.

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"how do you open it in instagram"

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Thank you for supporting ~~analog~~ ink!


it's analog [nowhere] art

fedicanvas | meta (
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Thanks to everyone who helped make this, it was fun. Now I leave it to the arbitrary claws of cyber automatism to deal with it as they may see fit.

Go nuts.

I'm starting the old computer challenge tomorrow, so expect a different type of content for the next week. May the spirit of the machine bless you all. Sometimes I feel like a real cult leader.

And as always:

Thanks, hackers.

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