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oh well, if it has everything real guac has, that wauld be useless. some people can't eat guac because of the lemon, but i doubt they removed that.

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Never shitpost on main

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Ah, our religious fanatic friends preying on people in trouble again. How refreshing.

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At least it's good for people who are allergic.

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That is pretty cool. Thx for the info.

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I have multiple in use and believe there is something broken with yours.

Some of my observations:

With Hauwei Freebuds this happens regularly. It's a built in flaw. Idk if software or hardware.

With Philips RZ-B100 this starts to happen when a battery goes bad, usually after more than 1.5 years of heavy use, but sometimes they come broken from the start. They are very cheap and can therefore easily be replaced.

Apple Airpods are like Philips, but take more than 2.5 years usually. They are more expensive, so it's usually worth trying to get them fixed in an Apple store, but they can't fix everything.

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I thought about this as well, but it was too close. I think it's more likely he missed by much more and trump used fake blood on his hand when he grabbed his ear etc.

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So it's some sort of tax 🤣😞

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Your post title has a typo. I choose to add "s." to the end of as instead of the word "world" in front of it btw. 😄

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Maybe he actually got hit in the head, but there was nothing inside.

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I'm confused (

more snails

they are kinda cute. i hope they eat more of the grass and less of the flower 😆


Information zum Eintreten von Trümmerteilen in die Erdatmosphäre - Deutschland

Im Zeitraum zwischen dem Mittag des 08. März und dem Mittag des 09. März wird der Wiedereintritt eines größeren Weltraumobjektes in die Erdatmosphäre erwartet, das möglicherweise zersplittern wird. Bei dem Objekt handelt es sich um Batteriepakete der Internationalen Raumstation ISS. Leuchterscheinungen oder die Wahrnehmung eines Überschallknalls sind möglich. Die Wahrscheinlichkeit des Auftreffens von Trümmerteilen in Deutschland, ist nach jetzigen Informationen als sehr gering einzuschätzen. Sollte sich das Risiko erhöhen, erhalten Sie eine neue Information. Eine Übersicht über die zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt wahrscheinliche Überflugbahn finden Sie hier:


The tracking says it's in a town right next to me since 24h. What are they doing! 😨


I saw this funny code block I linked, but it's missing a dollar sign when viewed in Sync.

I don't even know where to report bugs and if its github I won't because github is becoming cancer and i deleted my account.


If you make a movie and it starts with a scene that would chronologically happen after the next part of the movie, you're an asshole.

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