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In the US the only source of leaded gasoline that I'm aware of is aviation gas. Lots of (all?) older piston-driven airplanes use it.

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This is surprising. The ones I've seen look awkward - like flying basketballs with undersized wings.

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"We're the cleanup crew for a party we were too young to attend." - Kevin Gilbert, from a song on the album Thud

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Wow, doing a MacGuyver with corporate assistance. I like it!

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It's called an "H-type" head. I found some tools for that on eBay but was reluctant to spend any money on something I'd probably never need again, ever. But this video shows a hack using scissors.

I didn't have a pair laying around that worked but the video inspired me to MacGyver my way to remove that aberration against all that's good in humanity.

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Wow, that seems like a very useful approach. Yeah it's a bit manipulative, but in a kind way. Thanks for sharing this, and the back story!

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He succeeded for the rich and failed for the rest of us - and future generations (increased debt, doubting climate change, etc).

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...because the threat of a death penalty worked so well to eliminate the occurrence of other crimes.

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My spirit animals.

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This post made my ears itch. Luckily I do have Q-tips handy.

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When growing up my parents taught me to stand up to bullies. (We're talking about verbal abuse and manipulation, not physical bullying.) Following that advice as a kid led to mixed results yet it's stuck with me into my adult years.

These days though, using this advice only seems to backfire. When I give them what they've given me, the bullies just get more angry and use that to justify their continued bullying. They see themselves as the victim.

Any suggestions that would be more helpful?

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Same here come to think about it. That's weird too.

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If a mobile (cell, handy) phone is part of your life, do your dreams include reference to it?

The other night I dreamed that I left mine in someone's car. That struck me as odd because it may have been the first time one of my dreams included such a reference - even though I'm constantly on my phone during waking hours.

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Small metal object with clip on top. Clip spins around the object body and can be attracted to a magnet (so made of steel probably). Object body does not react to magnet (so made of brass maybe). Cone shaped tip seems to be made of some kind of plastic.

Found this in my back yard, probably from something I was working on, but it doesn't look familiar.

What is this thing? (Identification may help me fix something I don't know is broken!)

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Yeah I know these are used for counting vehicles but can they also be used for detecting vehicle speed?

Description: two pneumatic hoses, affixed to a road. They lead to a box that's locked to a telephone pole. Location is southern California. On a minor artery road.

Doubtful that it's to survey if a new stop sign is needed since the next street is minor, dead ends into this one and already has a stop sign. The next intersection with another minor artery already has a stop sign.

Extremely doubtful that a traffic light is being considered since there isn't anywhere near the amount of traffic to justify one.

This is located on a slope. Many cars speed down here. That's why I'm wondering about speed sensing by this device.

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Sorry if this is the wrong community or is redundant...

I'm looking for leads as to what's happening to plants in my greenhouse window. It started with my basils. Before I noticed, it spread to my mints. The leaves show these yellow spots, then they turn brown and die. Eventually the entire plant dies.

Any clues as to what I can do to treat/prevent this?

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In a spirit of adventure I tried tofu skins the other day. Searching through the numerous options at our large Asian market, it looked like we found one that didn't have the California lead advisory statement on the package - but later found one buried in the fine print.

We ate them anyway, and really like them, but wonder why they have lead. Internet searches so far haven't yielded any answers.

Does anyone here know why they contain lead?

PS / TIL: tofu skins apparently are not be confused with tofu curls.

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"Given the importance of the trial schedule, the key practical question is whether the court focuses solely on Trump’s case or endorses immunity in other instances. Smith’s gambit is a fallback that would let the court order the trial to proceed even if its opinion extends to broader principles of immunity."

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The Smith team then made its most important and aggressive move by noting that when judges have issued clearly erroneous jury instructions that doom prosecutions, “courts have permitted the government to obtain writs of mandamus.”

Even buried in a parenthetical as it is, the word “mandamus” jumps off the page as a threat to seek an extraordinary intervention by the appellate court. Smith has laid down the gauntlet, telling Cannon in no uncertain terms that if she doesn’t move to resolve Trump’s frivolous arguments well ahead of trial, he will bring a writ of mandamus to the 11th Circuit along with a motion to recuse her from the case. Providing this road map of his intentions puts Smith on firm footing to challenge the judge if she continues to dither.

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Now, as the Republican front-runner in the race for a California U.S. Senate seat, Garvey has avoided detailed policy positions, instead relying on his name recognition and clean-cut image. His campaign website describes him as a “true role model,” he praised the party’s value of “personal responsibility” in a recent interview, and he called in an op-ed to “restore moral integrity in Congress.”

But the reality of Garvey’s life is more complex. The 75-year-old has struggled with debt, been repeatedly sued, faced a bitter divorce, and got two women pregnant before quickly marrying a third woman, his current wife, in a scandal that briefly made him a national punchline in 1989. He pledged in interviews at the time to take “moral and financial responsibility” for the children.

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"President Joe Biden’s administration on Wednesday finalized approval of $1.1 billion to help keep California’s last operating nuclear power plant running. "

Because renewable energy sources are too expensive?

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