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The fun thing is that, C++ being C++, this is actually an std::overflow_error...

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Mozilla licked Russia's boot for a week. And that's only what we publicly know.

No matter for how short you taste shit, the shit stink stays -- if anything, in your memory.

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They should comply with local laws

To my knowledge Firefox / Mozilla does not have an office in Russia. And even if they had, the argument can be made that unlawful / authoritarian laws by any ethical perspective have to be fought against.

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You can also search your bookmarks (and your history!) in the search bar.

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“We were here first,” as the saying goes.

True. As corporate goes, take a good product name that exists in the wild, bury it with your own shitty product, best case you get to kill two products for the price of one (eg.: Google with "Gemini").

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Matrix? For sure you mean XMPP/Jabber. Matrix is a slut metadata-wise.

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Hahaha now if only Firefox was federated instead of CEO-managed... 🤔

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Great, potterydung enshittified Linux to the point they added DRM to the death handler.

(only half-kidding, anti-Linux is explicitly what potterydung is trying to do; but it never ceases to amuse me that the name for the manager thingy was chosen to acronym to DRM. How will we ever know when DRM (pejorative) is actually added to Linux video?)

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That's right; they've always been documented to be DMs, not PMs.

But because of the discordbabies people confuse both.

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This. If Maven offered me a stipend for life to have my content used (because they're not going to remove it in 3 or 6 months, right? once ingested it's there forever), then I would be far more open to at least discussing their terms.

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People can complain, but the Fediverse is built to make consuming user’s data easy

Correction: it is built to make consuming users's data not easy, but more human.

WHat you are thinking of is AP, not "Fediverse", and even then that's a stretch.

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Hablando en serio.

Todo el mundo habla de lo mal que está la educación, que los profesores, que los estudiantes y blah blah, y no estoy en desacuerdo que hay cosas ahí que están mal. Me podría mandar un ensayo en cómo no puede ser que una manga de pendejos de 12 vengan a amenazar a un profe en la sala. O que las salas en cuestión no deberían tener más de 20 alumnos.

Pero igual hay temas de método y de material de fondo, como este.

¿Por qué no es más común en Chile enseñar las cosas de una manera más atractiva? O al menos, más inmersiva que "copie el texto aprobado 131 veces". O, no sé, cuando yo estaba en la media la manera que nos enseñaban castellano era penca (ni qué decir del inglés) pero pucha que aprendimos harto el un (1) (uno) semestre que nos hicieron escribir y ejecutar una obra de teatro.

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Hey everyone I was wondering how do you spice up your cursors, icons, themes, etc., In particular for desktop environments such as XFCE, Mate. Are there any good repositories to use?

I've taken a look at a number of apparently cloned sites like "xfce-look.org", "kde-look.org", "gnome-look.org", but while they seem to show a wide offering of themes, it seems downloading from them is blocked via uBO since it reports a "fp2" fingerprinting script without which apparently downloads are not enabled. Are those sites trustworthy? They seem to be associated to a "OpenDesktop" initiative of which the only reputation I can find is that they were added to EasyList Privacy blocklist.

If there are other alternative hubs or repos from which to theme a distro (as agnostically as posisble) that'd be welcome info.

Cheers. Thanks. Et cetera.

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