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Interesting to have a humidifier under your guitars. I'd say high humidity would rust your strings in no time right? And possibly be bad for the wood as well

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Some friends of mine in new Zealand had their own company growing and selling lily's and other plants. Became a huge thing, bought a huge house. A decade ago they sold their entire company and went to picking strawberries. They just pick strawberries all day every day, and they love it. I was pretty jealous. So maybe you could stay in your field but just a completely different position. You'll already have connections and experience.

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Nobody mentioned steel panther yet. Quality stuff

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Omg Abby, I want her so bad.

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Stardew Valley

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'You can basically call me a printer god now'

Loving this.

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Same, was very surprised. Also there are almost zero to no cats in New Zealand, they are extremely protective of their native bird species.

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That creep should be locked away for good. Can't imagine those poor woman for the rest of their life knowing this fecal drain is still walking around freely.

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That definitely helps! Thanks for writing it up, highly appreciate it. I didn't even know repeating negative prompts had an effect haha. I just started with screwing around with sdxl, and made some very basic stuff, but I've yet to try changing it up with inpainting. But the img2img trick, I'm definitely gonna try. Thanks again!

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That'd be very helpful, I'm looking to start using stable diffusion for dnd purposes, but my results vary in quality haha

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Tucker and dale vs evil

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