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Dude creates like 6 distinct characters all within one voice, ranging from completely goofy to genuinely menacing. A brilliant and unhinged performance.

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Naw, it's allowed. You're just stating an opinion. Personal attacks are not allowed, but this is a pretty broad statement.

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Oh, I'm not saying that there won't one day come a better technology that can do a lot more. What I'm saying is that the present technology will never do much more than it is already doing. This is not an issue of refining the technology for more applications. It's a matter of completely developing a new type of technology.

In areas of generative text, summarizing articles and books, as well as writing short portions of code in order to assist humans, creating simple fan art, and meaningless images like avatars, and those stock photos at the top of articles, Perhaps creating short animations, Improving pattern recognition of things like speech and facial recognition… In all of these areas, AI was very rapidly revolutionary.

Generative AI will not become capable of doing things that it's not already doing. Most of what it's replacing are just worse computer programs. Some new technology will undoubtedly be revolutionary in the way that computers were a completely new revolution on top of basic function calculators. People are developing quantum computers, and mapping the precise functions of brain cells. If you want, you can download a completely mapped actual nematode brain right now. You can buy brain cells online, even human brain cells, and put them into computers. Maybe they can even run Doom. I have no idea what the next computing revolution will be capable of, but this one has mostly run its course. It has given us some very incredible tools in a very narrow scope, and those tools will continue to improve incrementally, but there will be no additional revolution.

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Gosh that guy sure is good at talking about various types of indicator lights.


Bruce Blakeman, the Nassau County executive, is recruiting “special deputies” to deploy during disaster or unrest. Opponents say the move is dangerous.

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I feel like there must be a Technology Connections video about this.

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The middle class part makes sense. You have to be someone who both owns their own property and also has significant leisure time.

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I love that one of these is just the actual character's name.

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I remember saying a year ago when everybody was talking about the AI revolution: The AI revolution already happened. We've seen what it can do, and it won't expand much more.

Most people were shocked by that statement because it seemed like AI was just getting started. But here we are, a year later, and I still think it's true.

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MBFC has been studied by independent researchers.

Cited by NPR, Reuters Fact Check.

Newsguard analysis (perfect score from a competitor):

Thank you for motivating me to research this - I learned that MBFC is actually far more reliable and trusted by the news industry and scientific community than I realized.


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Hi Lemmy! I've just uploaded a new beta version that adds support for Lemmy 0.19.4 features, this is the changelog:

  • Hide posts: Individual posts can be hidden now. There is Show hidden toggle on the toolbar menu (Lemmy 0.19.4)
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The main challenge with filling in neighborhoods is adding the addresses.

Adding the buildings is not so bad if the houses are mostly rectangles and only a couple sizes; copy/paste is pretty quick. Labeling other properties is similarly straightforward. However, adding hundreds of unique addresses is prohibitively tedious! I currently have to click on a single house, click on the address field, check the address, enter the address, then repeat for the next house. This is not so bad until it's repeated 100s (or 1000s) of times.

PLEASE tell me I'm just being foolish and there is an easy way to scroll through multiple selected buildings to enter the same field in each! I'm picturing something like: select all houses, enter first address, HOTKEY TO NEXT HOUSE, enter next address. Not only would it remove several steps, but also remove manual mouse clicks which require diverting attention. If I could do this, I could have a list of addresses and zip through an entire area pretty quickly without losing my place constantly looking back and forth.


Apparently he was an advocate for financial austerity, so his name became connected with cheap or discount things. A silhouette was an affordable type of portrait.


The first programs were written in binary/hexadecimal, and only later did we invent coding languages to convert between human readable code and binary machine code.

So why can't we just do the same thing in reverse? I hear a lot about devices from audio streaming to footware rendered useless by abandonware. Couldn't a very smart person (or AI) just take the existing program and turn it into code?


Democratic Rep. Madeleine Dean is from the critical swing state of Pennsylvania. She hit the campaign trail with President Biden over the weekend and as other House Democrats are asking him to drop out of the race. Rep. Dean joined Geoff Bennett to discuss her support.


A spokesperson for the Freedom Caucus declined to comment on the vote, telling Axios: "HFC does not comment on membership or internal proceedings."

Between the lines: The Freedom Caucus has been clamping down on internal dissent within the 118th Congress.


Ersei, the developer behind this so-called Cloud Native Computer, says the project was primarily a “silly” pursuit. There is also a problem with booting from Google Drive currently being very slow. However, the dev also boasts that “the possibilities are endless” and would welcome any companies or individuals who wish to get in contact and discuss commercializing this project or something related to it.


If I have a home server connected to Proton Drive for example, would that be sufficient to back up my data?


A ridiculous number of candidates contended to be governor of Tokyo and its surrounding prefecture. Many were not even trying to win.

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