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Miami is still under water right now, correct?

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AR15 is very popular for wild boar hunting. Not in its original caliber, though. See, one of the advantages of the platform is that it's highly modular, and can put out 6.5 grendal just fine by switching the upper.

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I feel dirty saying it, but Walmart store brand Oreos are really good.

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Fine, we'll make it three, but only if you promise not to play blue.

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It's a no brainier, until you deal with standardizing the battery and attachment mechanisms across many manufacturers. Then figuring out the machines necessary to automate the process of removing the battery and swapping in a new one. Then dealing with people who abuse their battery and bringing them to EOL early. Then deploying all of that nationwide.

Oh, and it limits where you can place the battery. You can't integrate it into the frame, which has some big advantages in reducing weight.

Conversely, charging stations are relatively easy. You need to standardize the plug, which ain't nothing, but it's far easier than an entire battery release mechanism. The charge stations themselves aren't much more than a transformer, some high voltage electronics, and some controls. Again, not nothing, but way easier than an automated garage for battery replacement.

Charge stations were always going to be able to race way ahead in deployment timelines, and we still don't have enough of them. If we had focused on battery swap stations, we'd be even further behind.

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That sounds like a great way for it to pop off on its own.

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Won't. Like Google, it's gotten noticeably worse in recent years. If it doesn't fit in one of the broad categories, PornHub doesn't know what to do with it anymore.

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She'd be the top villain on so many other shows, but DS9 has so many great villains that she almost gets lost.

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Or just, like, fucking not.

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America. Doing the right thing after exhausting all the alternatives.

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If it was priced more reasonably, and they got some people with experience in running LARPs to figure out the storyline, it could have been good.

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These joke Calvinball Magic sets are getting out of hand.

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Here's the post in question: https://midwest.social/post/10123989

Which linked to my blog here: https://wumpus-cave.net/post/2024/03/2024-03-20-moores-law-is-dead/index.html

On my instance (midwest.social), this works fine. However, some other users were reporting a broken link, and I also see a broken link when using my mobile app (Summit). When it breaks, I see these calls in the server logs:

  • GET /api/v3/post?id=2024
  • GET /api/v3/comment/list?max_depth=6&post_id=2024&sort=Top&type_=All

Which appear to be Lemmy API calls with some of the actual link data built in.

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