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Likely side by side companies lobbying

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It is still a unit of housing that you own

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Dense housing with a grocery store, and a food court would be GOAT. Costco is trying to build in my area if they built that housing concept with affordable condos they'd have my money.

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Kei trucks exist

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yup there will be a Kodak moment when BYD starts their Mexican factory

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we have tariffs against the companies selling EV that can actually do that

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And you better vote in the presidential election

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I wouldn't mind an EV without screens and such if Chinese automakers do a malicious compliance car.

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They keep on building huge ridiculous EV then cry that EV aren't selling.. It is like US Automakers are The Sims

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I was excited for it when musk announced it at $40k, now I can do without.

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Personally I welcome a post scarcity economy

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Jetsons predicted this


I see people sleeping on concrete, in cramped plane seats etc How do y'all do it?


I got in on an earlier flight, and arrived at 6 it was a pain in the ass.. I literally had to walk around for like 4 hours until things opened, and I was so tired and weary all day.


I was fine with the app as it was, but it appears now there needs to be a small fix


The sad thing is that people have fallen for this obvious BS. The bill in question is for a reduction in packaging, and corporate responsibility for a reduction in plastic waste.


Seriously who asked for this nonsense?

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