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Man, all this speaking in tongues talk lately is giving me PTSD. Next they'll be getting "drunk in the holy spirit". Every time they pulled this shit at church, I wished my mom would have chosen abortion instead

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A decent language learning type app, like dulingo

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Yea, the enshittification process predates the internet, so yes.

However, the loss of net neutrality has lead to these monopolies being able to rapidly speed the process in a large number of ways, from ways they work with and imprison advertisers and vendors to their platforms.

Their ability to buy telecoms favor. With the death of net neutrality, now broadband Bros shape the face of the internet for the most elite and powerful companies. Silencing the little websites and startups that used to show up in search results amongst giants like Amazon, eBay, Facebook marketplace, Ali, etc. for ma and pa trying to run a small buisness. Making us all slaves to these monopolies, and the handful of companies you must deal with, enshittification, obnoxious new ads, and all, just to reach the masses.

Elon says you can't even put your Mastadon handle on Twitter, etc. I could go on and on.

The death of net neutrality has emboldened big tech in a massive way, as if it wasn't bad enough before. It had pretty much insured that the big boys all get a fat cut of everybodies pie, and you just gotta grin while you eat their shit, or starve

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Stop enshitification 3 years ago!

FCC to vote to restore net neutrality rules, reversing Trump By David Shepardson April 2, 20243:51 PM PDTUpdated 4 hours ago People look at data on their mobiles as internet wire cables on switch hub are shown in background People look at data on their mobiles as background with internet wire cables on switch hub is projected in this picture

WASHINGTON, April 2 (Reuters) - The U.S. Federal Communications Commission will vote to reinstate landmark net neutrality rules and assume new regulatory oversight of broadband internet that was rescinded under former President Donald Trump, the agency's chair said.

The FCC told advocates on Tuesday of the plan to vote on the final rule at its April 25 meeting.

The commission voted 3-2 in October on the proposal to reinstate open internet rules adopted in 2015 and re-establish the commission's authority over broadband internet.

Net neutrality refers to the principle that internet service providers should enable access to all content and applications regardless of the source, and without favoring or blocking particular products or websites.

FCC Chair Jessica Rosenworcel confirmed the planned commission vote in an interview with Reuters. "The pandemic made clear that broadband is an essential service, that every one of us - no matter who we are or where we live - needs it to have a fair shot at success in the digital age," she said.

An essential service requires oversight and in this case we are just putting back in place the rules that have already been court-approved that ensures that broadband access is fast, open and fair." Reinstating the rules has been a priority for President Joe Biden, who signed a July 2021 executive order encouraging the FCC to reinstate net neutrality rules adopted under Democratic President Barack Obama. Democrats were stymied for nearly three years because they did not take majority control of the five-member FCC until October.

Under Trump, the FCC had argued the net neutrality rules were unnecessary, blocked innovation and resulted in a decline in network investment by internet service providers, a contention disputed by Democrats.

Rosenworcel has said the reclassification would give the FCC important new national security tools. The agency said in its initial proposal that rules could give it "more robust authority to require more entities to remove and replace" equipment and services from Chinese companies like Huawei (HWT.UL) and ZTE (000063.SZ)

Republican FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr opposed the move, saying that since 2017 "broadband speeds in the U.S. have increased, prices are down (and) competition has intensified." He argued the plan would result in "government control of the internet."

Despite the 2017 repeal, a dozen states now have net neutrality laws or regulations in place. Industry groups abandoned legal challenges to those state requirements in May 2022.

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Yes, every native English speaking Walmart shopper are perfectly fluent, masters of the linguistic arts. They are known throughout the Americas to be amongst the classiest and highest educated group of shoppers known to man. Even the ones known to procreate with their sisters are likely to have a degree. Likely, a masters. These are stats and known facts of the highly esteemed shoppers of Walmart

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I saw this on the LA lines as well and it made me very uneasy and concerned. I went down this road with NordVPN back in the day. There ads popping up everywhere was the beginning of a massive decline in services and questionable privacy practices. Also Ubuntu and many other open source companies... I'm love Mullvad, and hope very much this isn't the beginning of the end of one of the few trustworthy VPN's!

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Found the bunker

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Seemingly everyone but the Orange man faces repercussions

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Nice! Tax the shit outta these fools

Added bonus: More data for Lemmy to make private jet memes

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His defense should be insanity due to drinking too much of the municipal water.

Sorry, couldn't resist. Awful

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LA central library has a banned book display. So happy not to live around the lovers of livestock

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People need the visualization

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I remember the commercials "Piracy is not a victimless crime" pissed me off so hard, and drove me to download much more than I otherwise would have

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