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similarly i'm tired of apple fanboys pretending the company hasn't gotten dramatically worse since jobs died as well. yeah he sucked in his own ways but things were starkly less shitty and belittling. tim cook would be gone for those fucking lightning-3.5mm dongles

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again, this is all long term executive function that you are generally incapable of performing or even contemplating when depressed. maybe you can protestant-work-ethic yourself out of depression but that doesn't mean everyone can. oh yeah lemme just keep being fucking harsh with myself, that's the ticket.

what i want to hear is

  • take a bath
  • have chamomile tea, it binds to your GABA receptors
  • go outside to breath the fresh air and look at the moon
  • etc

simple, actionable things that don't have barely-hidden contempt or disinterest behind them

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i like how the answers are the exact same generic unhelpful drivel you hear 20k times a month if you're depressed as well. real improvement there. when people google that they want immediate relief, not fucking oh go for a walk every day, no shit. the triviality of the suggestion makes the depression worse because you know it's going to do nothing the first week besides make you feel sweaty and looked at and alone. like if i'm feeling recovered enough to go walk every day then i'm already feeling good enough that i don't need to be googling about depression tips. this shit drives me insane.

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disgusting. it's like early TV where people thought it was low-rent crap and not worth saving.

it always seems impractical to store this stuff but then it goes away and you realize how much you're missing.

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exactly, yes, thank you. it drives me insane when people act like they're so infallible that it automatically makes everyone else wrong, immoral even, for even giving advice. if they're typing from canada or the UK or europe that's one thing, cause it is more trivial to talk to a doctor, but in the US it's extremely obnoxious and presumptuous when you damn well know the way this country works yet still constantly badger people about it, with this attitude that of course i don't know what's best for me, nor should i even attempt to find out myself or double check or find other opinions, of course not, how dare i. the only corroboration allowed is making another appointment with another doctor. it's my body and life. when i was 15 i diagnosed myself with an extremely rare speech disorder two weeks before the expensive ENT did the same thing except with far more bluntness and insensitivity. haven't cared much for the outright worship of them since.

maybe the reason most medical advice online is so 'untrustworthy' is because everyone's been yelling this for 20 years so the only people bothering to try are the real kooks.

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geolocking is immoral. if they're getting it why the fuck shouldn't we?

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it's not automatically misinformation because it's advice

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what if they can't spend the money?? just suffer? someone who's suffering from the same thing as me is frankly someone i respect more than a normal successful guy who went to school for 20 years

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thank you, this is exactly what i mean. the problem shouldn't be, as the comments are saying, 'stupid people will do the horse injections' -- it's pretty obvious when the tips are common sense and benign yet clever and helpful -- like taking a bath if you're stressed. it's just such a preachy, syrupy empty message to shut off everyone else from saying anything because you need to repeat the boring disclaimer we've heard 1000 times. it's so smug, i've never seen such smugness resonate off of plain text before.

it's not "dangerous" to read people's advice online, my god, you can get all sorts of horrible advice about relationships or sex or professional life or tech support or anything else you can think of, but medical advice -- something that could be the most crucial thing you need in an emergency, if you have one of the many, many situations it's not trivial to talk to a doctor -- that's where we draw the line and leave it to the esteemed doctor class, only they may know the secrets. why can't people talk to fellow people about their health without getting yelled at that they should, nay, they MUST speak to a medical professional. we are not allowed to discuss the hippocratic realm

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The way people online constantly say 'talk to your doctor' like it's a panacea is a lot like how medieval peasants weren't able to read scripture and they just had to trust their clergy's interpretations

Sick of it. Usually it's not even like if I'm trying to find out if I have fucking cancer, I'm saying oh i feel sad in the evenings. why in the NAME of GOD would i want to then, for that, find the guy's number, call, leave a message cause it's midnight, wait for them to call back, schedule something 2 weeks later, worry the whole time, and try to remember and rephrase in formal clinical terminology exactly what's happening and get formal cold clinical advice for it from a guy I see twice a year. Just tell me! Give me colloquial advice and home remedies! good god!

There could be so many miracle tips or tricks online that really work but nooo people constantly shout 'talk to your doctor! call your doctor!' i don't want to fucking call the doctor, medical environments give me anxiety and all the bureaucracy and insurance and bills don't help matters either.

some zoomers on tiktok seem to get this and happily share 'oh this worked for me!' and usually it's somewhat helpful and a very nice, casual interaction that doesn't involve interaction with an authority figure and potential bills. it's that easy.

'ooh what about liability' don't care. liability has destroyed modern america, gatekeeping knowledge behind a culture of fear. if you're so scared about liability over a reddit comment, simply don't say anything! rather than leaving a pointless piece of advice that every single person on the planet knows is the default 'ideal' answer, that isn't necessarily actionable for many who don't have easy or trivial access to healthcare.

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aired from 1936-1937. if anyone has a copy pls lemme know

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honestly every single headline about how shitty streaming is getting, wantonly, willfully, feels like a hit of crack. nothing better than owning your own library.

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but if a guy's just driving on a road he isn't supposed to be on, is trying to break into the car really part of the protocol on that? surely at least drive after him or just radio the plate or something, it's just a event security for a golf tournament, it's not the president speaking

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is anyone meaningfully following this hush money thing? ooh he fell asleep in the 1000th trial he's been to ok. obviously his side is lying that's the strategy.

the second story is both new information and extremely insane

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hey there fellow posters

i've recently posted the "Not only is this not how anyone writes, I do not understand why anyone would want to read anything that sounds anything like this" post to my lemmy, reddit, or twitter, and let me tell you, it's been a total game-changer

i know this isn't particularly novel but it's just so depressing we have to read this dogshit everywhere now

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even the name is too much imo, when i delivered pizza some places had their system like this, i don't like strangers knowing that. it's too personal.

the picture is really, really too far. only the most utter HOA boomer could even potentially spin needing to know that. and you can of course imagine the issues with it.

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(when seated in a group with others, i should clarify. if i'm by myself i'm absolutely happy to be on my phone or book)

i genuinely have an issue. it's like....there's people on all sides. i need to rest my eyes somewhere, esp in a social setting which is already inherently a bit wearing

  • if you look down at your food, you look sad or disinterested or whatever
  • if you look at the ceiling that's insane, isn't it?

so that's down and up out. let's look at:

  • the sides, which have people there or nearly there, or obscuring the view of a nice window or painting, and you can't stare at people.

fuck fuck fuck. what about:

  • the center. oh no. this is the nightmare zone. let's break it down into 3 sections: the top contains their face, that's quite insane to look at. downwards, the table across from you with their food, that could seem like you're looking at their body very intently, can't do that. the middle? if it's a woman, then that's very much bad form. but if you're a guy generally attracted to women, part of your brain wants to look no matter what, at least a little. and since when you're sitting, forward is the most natural direction to look (you can't really turn around or move, particularly), so you keep coming back to it and AHH FUCK

fucking nightmare.

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america is so fucking based man

in any proper country that company at least gets forced to pay by the government then ordered to shut down forever due to wanton cruelty. all the employees get generous severance except whoever made that call. depending upon your view of carceral punishment there are a few ways to go with that guy.

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it feels similar in egregious price to getting room service, and you don't even have to talk to the guy, and you can convince yourself it's nice to treat yourself you've been working hard etc etc. you don't have to do any dishes or think about all the rotten shit in the fridge. it can feel like a legitimate mental break, horribly

i've worked too too many years doing delivery and honestly on good days it feels like being on vacation , just out there driving around somewhere peaceful without a boss over my shoulder

but whenever i actually order the garbage myself too much it can lead to a crazy period of overspending. i already spent $30 on a burrito that sucked why not spend $20 on a film i know is good, etc etc

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i wanna go to a real one but they're open like 5 hours a day

well 7 but i am not voluntarily leaving the house before noon

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esp if you're one of the devout ones who think they've been really good

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