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i hate how the term 'loss leader' is bandied about like i'm meant to feel sorry for them so generously losing money on something when at the end of the night it's obviously one transaction for everything with a healthy amount of profits baked in

[-] [email protected] 9 points 8 hours ago

yeah god fucking forbid anything be good and actually valuable for the customer anymore

[-] [email protected] 8 points 10 hours ago

headline was well worded for sure

[-] [email protected] 12 points 10 hours ago

this is a hell of a way to end 2023. feels like some stark symbolism

[-] [email protected] 3 points 13 hours ago* (last edited 13 hours ago)

attempted murder, assault with intent to commit murder, assault with a dangerous weapon, and assault resulting in serious bodily injury,

this sounds like they're charging him 4 times for the same thing? just because you can reword it with bullshit legalese like that doesn't make it right? isn't this functionally going against double jeopardy? i mean i'm sure it's cop in-group shit but still

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haha i mean like these sort of scrambled eggs: https://www.webstaurantstore.com/martins-quality-eggs-5-lb-frozen-boil-in-bag-scrambled-egg-mix-case/873331035.html

they have a particular flavor / consistency / vibe that i find comforting

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nothing has made me more sick recently than learning that these investor scum are trying to flog people back into the office because they gambled too much money on office buildings, so obviously this is the correct next step. never mind eating the fucking loss, never mind gambling on sports like a normal human being, these fucking vampires think they get THAT much control over your life for THAT petty and convoluted and i am sorry COMPLETELY FUCKING MADE UP reason like 'we gambled on offices too much'

[-] [email protected] 58 points 19 hours ago

because absolutely no one wants to be forced into it while being denied the incredible quality of life benefits of being able to stay at home?

[-] [email protected] 3 points 19 hours ago

tell me more about how landscaping with physical labor and materials is just like having a server turned on

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i miss when people who made websites genuinely wanted what's best for their users

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reposting one of the worst things i've ever heard someone say:

“There’s a lot of stuff on the site that you’d only ever say in therapy, or AA, or never at all … But we don’t need to give all of that value to some of the largest companies in the world for free.”

eat my ass spez

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I stg it used to be (probably around pre 2020) that even the shitty hole in the wall motels had like pretty comfy solid breakfast - bagged eggs (my guilty pleasure) and cool steampunk communal toasters and shit. now it's like mini cereal boxes and maybe bagged muffins.

getting old is hell. everything gets worse and most people just try to ignore it

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i get it's a legitimate safety thing to some degree and to certain people but have you considered that i cannot leave my place right now which is why i paid 40 dollars you ess dee for taco bell. which was a legitimate safety thing for myself as well, frankly.

and i totally get it: apartments fucking suck ass. i did this job for years. every single apartment design is absolute dogshit minus maybe 2 or 3 i've seen in my life between 3 cities. buildings will not be laid out, address wise, sequentially at all so finding anywhere is a fucking nightmare, the roads will be dogshit as well, potholes and speedbumps and i'm just trying to do my job and certain dumb complexes will randomly have some address noumbers on like, the back side of the building facing away from the fucking road for some reason??? why??? insane. just a total fucking hell. yes. i understand. but when i did the job i gritted my teeth and figured it out myself. calling the person is an absolute last resort. it's a nightmare but frankly also when i gave up and called the person, waiting around and/or trying to get directions from them was just as annoying. bullshit job. we need high speed tubes connecting everywhere in the city.

submitted 2 days ago by [email protected] to c/[email protected]

like come the fuck on, grow the fuck up, jesus.

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submitted 3 days ago by [email protected] to c/[email protected]

I tried getting season tickets for a local baseball team but the ordering system was quite literally designed for old people and was driving me insane:

there's no actual order page online, just this 'contact us for info!' button where you have to write them a bespoke little email - like, to a person, not just a form to fill out - and I did that and the dude ///called me//// and didn't answer when I tried to call back

why for the love of God take this to the phone?? I emailed them!!! I didn't even want to email them, i wanted to fill out a webpage and put my credit card in! and they throw up all these smarmy sAlEsMaN roadblocks, like jesus man

like is this seriously meant to be like 'oh that's such good customer service' to someone?

submitted 4 days ago by [email protected] to c/[email protected]

On every single professional sports game I’ve ever seen, every single show, every single channel. Isn’t this our fucking money you’re meant to give out should, god forbid, something happen?

Why is it even legal to do this? Blowing this money on CONSTANT, DUMB fucking little fucking cutesy fucking skits, not even trying to fucking pitch anything anymore, just burning money on TV and laughing at us while the fucking lemur does epic bants. it makes me so fucking sick, these people should be chained in the dungeons for the rest of their lives.

It’s illegal to not have car insurance so why the fuck do they think we need to see this constant fucking microwaved vomit fucking garbage every fucking second every fucking show every fucking channel??

thank you

submitted 4 days ago by [email protected] to c/[email protected]

i did not ask for this!! don't pay extra for it and act like you're somehow doing me a fucking favor because now i have to take the day off and practically sit by the fucking door listening for the guy to knock -- cannot fully engage in an activity, wear headphones, shower, etc etc etc.

again, I didn't ask for this!!

these days it's really obnoxious because now it seems like you can't even turn it off? like 10 years ago maybe you could sign into the site and say 'actually please leave at the door'. now it's fucking LOCKED ON. ABSOLUTELY OBNOXIOUS. SHIT!

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At the first college I went to, which I later dropped out of because it was austere, cruel, and awful, I went to a little high school tour day thing. They had a seminar for prospective students; one of the faculty talking had people coming up and asking him questions at the end, in a classroom. This was fairly informal, but it had this stuffy bullshit ‘prestigious,’ ‘serious’ academia vibe like, 'ooh, this school is really tough, gonna be really miserable for you.'

And I asked the speaker at the end, like, ‘So what do computer science majors actually do day to day in classes? Like, what sort of projects do they work on?’ Completely earnestly, because I was curious because I thought it’d be a cool answer. And he literally said to me, ‘That’s really more of a lunchroom question,’ in the most pretentious tone I’ve ever heard in my life. good christ.

And I went to that school! And it was miserable! Honestly, I didn't even fully understand or realize how utterly rude and pretentious this dude was being to me until recently. I thought I was asking a 'silly' question, but NO! NO, absolutely not, it is absolutely a valid question at a college tour day as a little high school kid. And this guy genuinely seemed so offended and put off that I'd dare ask him a silly question, like he was above answering. I genuinely did not have the brainpower at the time to process such an upjumped pretentious moron.

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like I went to taco bell and they didn't even have napkins out. they had the other stuff just no napkins, I assume because some fucking ghoul noticed people liked taking them for their cars so now we just don't get napkins! so they can save $100 per quarter rather than provide the barest minimum quality of life features.

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luckily this is just a 32; i had a 70 from the same brand with the same INSANELY FUCKING STUPID STAND DESIGN that i had to find something for....literally at the most extreme edges of the thing, what the fuck is this? this is so fucking stupid, it cannot be meaningfully cheaper than a proper design and it looks fucking dumb as hell and surely this has pissed off 90% of people that wanted a TV and want to put it on a little stand like a normal fucking person right??

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if it's so fckin common it's worth a downvote especially

does lemmy have this

submitted 1 week ago by [email protected] to c/[email protected]

didn't we all grow up needing to be secretive? is it because of the adage of how 'everyone thinks women are hot' so like even straight women would get turned on more by their own moaning?

like as a guy i don't even...have the impulse to involve my voice in it at all

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like all the fuckin ads with the hugging families around winter. any educationally normal adult knows everyone just gets more stressed, with travel and gifts and social obligations and everything, but you're not even allowed to...openly feel that, it seems? it's like there's this happiness benchmark you have to reach, otherwise you'll feel even shittier and sadder for not having a happy holiday season

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