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Australian venues were already cancelling before JB did anything.

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I mean, that's only four Sith; Sidous, Maul, Tyranus, and Vader. Of those four, two are the most powerful Sith ever. I'd also say that Maul put up a better fight than Dooku.

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Byzantine politics did have political parties and professional sports teams as literally the same thing, so it's not completely insane as a concept.

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Why did people not like Yord? Backstory was insinuated and then he died without much characterization :[

That was just Jecki. Yord's kind of a fop and Jecki is super serious and stuffy, so they don't gel great.

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Well, he's ancient, so there's probably a touch of senility, a dash of insanity from extended isolation, and a good amount of pretending to be some crazy hermit to get an unfiltered view of Luke's personality. He also seems to have done a lot of reflection on how the Order screwed itself, first during his exile, and then after his death.

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I am a big Star Wars fan and TLJ is the only one of the three I think is actually good. Though, admittedly, TFA is fun if you shut your brain off and don't think about it.

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He was still far more interesting to me as a guy suffering from PTSD and having to often choose between two bad options. There are a lot of ways a character like that can grow and evolve.

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Millenial here. I genuinely like the Weezer version better. I like the heavier guitar and I'm not a huge fan of the way the synth was implemented in the original.

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Yes, but the doctorate is honorary.

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This reminds me of the magic / more magic switch.

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IIRC, a more literal translation of his profession would have been 'home builder,' and since most homes in the area at the time would have been stone, he would have been a stonemason. Jesus would have been ripped.

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I heard it as 'aisle locations' which seemed to kinda fit the corporate success stuff.


After having printed the previous version of my poster and discovering that the overall darkness made it difficult to see when framed (light reflects off the glass or plastic and the glare kills it) I have done a bunch of post processing in the hopes that it will turn out better.

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