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NSFW tag....

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Oh shit! It's Jeff!

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Yeah just enter "Justin Timberlake x Mark Zuckerberg"

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They are talking about strip club customers. Some how there's a correlation with watching pole dancers.

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It's only gay if it's a Leica.

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He needs a sweat headband.

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"Shoot yourself in the head, asshole!"

That's one I get a lot. The most positive one anyway.

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Legend has it that it started with an old drunk man that decided to hold beer bottles to his eyes.

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Just make the world think they are blind too. Just like anything else.

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I'm counting on you.

[Deleted] (
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I already have a nas running on one. I already have a Kodi/HTPC desktop. Running endeavor w/ KDE.

I was going to put regular arch on it but was wondering if anyone had some other ideas.

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Jitle. ^^

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Life was never what I was told or taught.

Being misled brought decay.

If I was shown life honest,

Maybe things would have gone a different way.

...but for now Ill sit and wait for death.

Because freedoms something I never held.

Like many in a world like hell,

We weren't able to express our dreams or excell.

That's just a gift of luck to a chosen few,

By a god whose aim is not for you.

We sit in darkness humble, patient, waiting.

Only to realize our lives are for their taking.

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I feel stupid for asking this. I always did fresh installs in the past but now I have an install that I've customized and use as a daily driver.

Will endeavor os automatically update to KDE 6 with the pacman -Syu command?

God Complex - Mortar (
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Mortar - Stay (
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Why do they do this to people. At least teach people that life is actually just chaos masked with a thin veil of hope that's marketed for power and control.

I can't enjoy anything. Everyone is either extremely naive, extremely far gone, or living war life because they understand chaos is now.

Why are people surprised at how shitty things are worldwide? It's literally because all of us don't do anything at all that would ever make real change in this world.

The realest most truthful thing I've learned in my 30+ years is that heartlessness brings success. That's the dominating national ideology masked by the white picket fence dreams of a past that's purely nostalgia. These old people act like things were different but the fact is that they just believed the bullshit and didn't know what the [some] youth knows now. They got played out and are willing to kill the future generations so that they can go on pretending it was a humble life in the past.

Like the old hippies that partied wreckless and abused useful drugs until they were illegalized.

Just some music...

I'm so depressed right now I can't pay attention to anything.

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  1. “The Intimidator” The Intimidator is an individual who steals energy by force. In order to get an energy boost, the Intimidator may be very loud, may yell, or may use violence. Ultimately, the Intimidator gets his or her energy by forcing people to pay attention to him or her.

This tactic draws more energy to the intimidator because when we are treated violently or yelled at, we cannot help but focus on the intimidator. All of this fearful focus passes our energy over to the Intimidator. This is the most aggressive of the control dramas.

Naturally, after a hostile interaction with an Intimidator, you will likely walk away feeling defeated and deflated. The Intimidator, however, feels empowered, boosted by the energy he or she has stolen from you.

  1. “The Interrogator” The Interrogator, like the Intimidator, also has an aggressive approach to stealing energy. However, the Interrogator does not rely on overt violence or intimidation, but rather uses excessive questioning and judgment in conversations.

When you are around an Interrogator, you will often feel highly criticized. The Interrogator will question your decisions, your motives, and your effectiveness. This strategy, in turn, keeps you sucked into the interaction, paying attention to the Interrogator.

In these interactions, you will feel the need to constantly explain yourself, and you will feel the need to justify your choices and actions. This extra attention sends your energy over to the Interrogator.

After spending prolonged time with an Interrogator, you will likely feel very drained, and walk away from the conversation feeling beaten down, even though the Interrogator did not use violence against you.

  1. “The Aloofs” This one here is my personal default control drama…

Aloof people do not use a hostile or aggressive approach in their ability to siphon energy from others. Instead, Aloofs rely on being vague and distant to capture attention and energy.

An Aloof is more likely to keep information from people. This, in turn, causes other people to be interested in them and approach them to “pry” information from them. It is a highly passive way of getting attention from other people.

“Playing hard to get” is the game of the Aloof. An Aloof will frequently leave you feeling that he or she is playing games with you, and must be chased.

  1. “The Poor Me” The Poor Me, like the Aloof, relies on a passive approach to gaining energy from others, but in a different way.

Poor Mes capture our attention by making us feel guilty and responsible for them. They often complain about their problems and issues in life, but not for the sake of getting solutions. Rather, the Poor Me complains for the sole purpose of gaining our attention.

When dealing with a Poor Me, we often feel like we have to “take care of” the Poor Me or we must help them in some way. We may feel we have to listen to his or her sob story over and over again, and that his or her problem is our fault somehow. This is how the Poor Me steals energy from others.

Snagged from this blog.

The Celestine Prophecy has some great thoughts in it.

I guess I'm generally 3 and 4. The book talk about how each drama is created by the opposite.

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