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I'll stop talking about trump being a fascist when he stops being a fascist. Maybe a little after that to make sure. Maybe a lot after that.

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Maybe we can all sneeze on him?

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Get off the couch with that naked butt

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Rewatching ds9, the visitor was well done. (It's a tearjerker)

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Ds9: where's the exploring? They're on a space station!
Voyager: where are all the aliens we know about?
Enterprise: it's been a long road.

With time, they all got their space. (This is me agreeing)

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Ah ha! My $100 car, $120 PC and $150 router have a new support guy!

Though really, those PCs must be either very special purpose or very general purpose.

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"I agree to the cease-fire, you must cease fire. Me? I will stop once we're out of targets AND bullets, but the bullets come in 1000 packs, and targets come in 100001 packs, so it might be a while"

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I've been seeing your posts all day and I'm loving them. That's all. Have a great day!

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There's only one pause button I know that works on GMs, "food's ready!"

That'll pause any game. Though it may pause it in 10 minutes, as sometimes you want to hit a stopping point.

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Loaf is the gentle croissant of the wind, the stolen glances at their buns, the knowledge that even on their sourdough days, you desire them, and when you are feeling flatbread, their being there can give rise to Golden crusts

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I understand you completely, mine left me because of a bread fetish.

I feel your pain.

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That's about what I do. To add to that, I will also up vote anyone that gives a source to a different comment, be it news or comic, having a link to the source is wonderful. They may not be communicating/adding to the discussion, but they are great all the same.

Happy holidays! (
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