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Of course. And I don’t mean I knew ADHD people that were dumb because they did bad in school. Maybe it was due to their upbringing (they were all pretty much nepo babies and all went on to work at their dads companies). I mean, in talking to them and knowing them more as friends…they were just not that smart. Some of them were dumb. Some of them were of normal intelligence. Actually, none of the ADHD kids I knew were anything more than of normal intelligence. Attention span problems and hyperactivity does not equate to intelligence.

Can and does ADHD develop in people who are smart? Of course. But I don’t think, contrary to what ADHD people like to say, ADHD is a sign of untapped or unrecognized intelligence. It’s just as likely across the IQ spectrum. It doesn’t bunch up on either the lower nor the higher side. Now, do traditional standardized tests accurately account for people with ADHD? Of course not. Standardized testing is nonsense. “Standardizing” anything in terms of teaching kids is incredibly stupid. It’s there for the government and the schools. ADHD kids will of course struggle, but they’re one of many groups that do. Because that form of testing is inherently flawed. So, yes, people with ADHD are smarter than those tests can measure. But that is true for almost everyone outside of a specific type of learner.

And maybe if we managed to test everyone, regardless of symptoms, for ADHD, we’d see a more accurate picture. But, from my understanding, it has zero relation to intelligence.

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But…does ADHD = smart? People that like to talk about having ADHD sure seem to think so. I’ve known some attention deficit, super hyper kids that were not at all smart. These people seem to think the diagnosis is a straight shot to MENSA.

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do they? They make a statement…and then ask someone else to do the legwork to prove it.

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Yes. Yes, yes, yes. As a cyclist in NYC myself, the hate that I see bicyclists get is fucking absurd.

“That person is riding their bike in traffic! How dangerous!”

Like, motherfuckers, you’re the ones forcing us to ride in traffic. And it wouldn’t be dangerous without the car element. The danger is in the cars. A bicycle crash can hurt and cause damage, but with a helmet? You’re mostly pretty safe from deadly accidents. THE CARS ARE THE ONES CAUSING THE DANGER. Not the cyclists.

And then all this talk about congestion pricing being ridiculous. TAX THE FUCK out of them. Ban them. It’s a fucking addiction. And a crippling one. Why people take cars into the city is mind boggling. Like you said, it’s necessary, especially here, for there to be some traffic. Deliveries for businesses, cabs. That’s pretty much it. But, no. Every single road is full of parked cars, driving cars, double parked cars BLOCKING THE FUCKING BIKE LANES EVERY 100 GODDAMN FEET…it’s actual lunacy.

It’s such a bikeable city. Few hills, relatively short distances. But with cars creating so much traffic, it seems far because everyone sits in a car in stop and go traffic for 45min to get from the FiDi to the park. All these wasted resources with cops directing traffic UNDERNEATH FUNCTIONING STOPLIGHTS BECAUSE EVERYONE IS SO AGGRAVATED SITTING IN TRAFFIC THAG THEYLL ALL JUST BLOCK THE INTERSECTION BECAUSE THEYVE GONE THROUGH FIVE LIGHT CYCLES, the constant construction…it’s lunacy. There’s really no other word for it.

This is a sensitive subject for me lol clearly

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I mean, yes and no. You read the article and think, “that…sounds like bullshit.” You don’t read the article, read the two paragraphs where they attribute the “miracles” to this kid and think “what miracles are they attributing to him?”

lol see what I mean? It’s not a super uncommon thing for people to not read the article. I’d say even maybe the majority of commenters don’t.

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Jesus. I mean, thank you for that explanation, but I also feel even more in the dark because I’m not even familiar with most of them. Except the Lorax. But I definitely don’t remember the book well enough from my childhood to remember the villain.

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It really is a conundrum. I love having one football game in rotation. It’s almost a rule for me.

But…would I rather support FIFA? Or EA? Both turrible choices.

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I think I’m getting old, I don’t understand any of this. Nor who is even talking. I guess I just never used tumblr, though its heyday was definitely in my time.

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Did you read the article? They list them.

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I read “I’m pushing 40” and was like, “oh, I guess we have different sensibilities.” But then I remembered I’m pushing 40 myself.

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And these fuckers aren’t anarchists. They’re asshole right wingers who think they want companies to have even more power because they read ayn Rand once.

This country needs more than two parties. But these assholes? What the fuck, USA?

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Rough plot synopsis:

A skinny white cop (I believe with a mustache, brown hair), is depressed. Maybe something happened with his daughter dying or a divorce, maybe both. It was kind of an auteur type film. He ends up going on some sort of reckless crusade against the department, maybe? I remember something about an alcoholic priest too, but that might’ve been another trailer I saw around that time. Or maybe he was an alcoholic himself. (Again, this is a fuzzy memory, sorry.) A scene I vaguely remember is he’s shirtless and maybe his cop car is burning? Does this sound at all familiar to anyone? I really want to find it, it’s been bugging me for literally years. Thanks!

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