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I thought stuff like "Explain Like I'm Five" and "AMA" was proprietary to the community, or at least the Reddit community, not Reddit as a company.

I checked and I found at least those subreddit forum names were registered as trademarks.

  • IAMA
  • RPAN (actual subreddit name is R/PAN but they messed up the word mark for the registration I think.)
  • ASK REDDIT (makes sense since this includes Reddit's name.)
  • NATURE IS FUCKING LIT (I thought you couldn't register word marks with swearing but I guess I'm wrong. Must be only for offensive terms then...)
  • ASK ME ANYTHING (yes somehow this "generic term" is a trademark now...")
  • AMA
  • ELI5

Also they have some trademark registration applications for WALLSTREETBETS that have not been finalized yet.

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How do we combat Google Chrome being Internet Explorer 2.0?

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Feels like I need to reboot my iPhone daily in order to keep applications and tabs from being terminated from out of memory issues as quickly.

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Now we gotta have websites developing for all web browsers instead of Google Chrome like it's Internet Explorer 2.0.

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Such a cuddly guy.

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You created this server?

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He was an interesting character with antenna back in the first movie and a memorable voice actor.

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This has been going on for 16 years? I thought it was started in the mid or late 2010s.

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Wait, you need to post every day to get the achievement?

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So when did it become public knowledge? When the Google is broken controversy started?

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Seems like the Bats community here on Lemmy.world was popular due to some new posts every day.

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Seems like someone closed your account without your permission.

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Strange. What happened to the discouragement of AMP links and why are they suddenly popping up now?

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I just noticed this when I saw a strange "Achievement Unlocked" notification pop up on Reddit. What do you think of this? It seems like a retention tactic to me, like what Amino had with its streak leaderboards, and GameFAQs currently has with streak achievements for logging on ten days in a row and also for all days of a month.

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What makes bats like bananas so much? Or is it just the humans' preferred treat for bats?

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I was reminded about Bat Appreciation Day today thanks to this channel on YouTube.

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