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Now realize how many people in lower elections like school board members who do this shit

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This shit needs to stop. Anyone to the right of you is right wing, we get it. You don't allow dissent or disagreement in the left so everyone who isn't with you on every issue is the enemy right? You know what that sounds like right?

A lot of people who claim to be left on here, are doing everything possible to push people away from the left, and chasing off allies with this "no true leftist" bullshit.

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He's a silver spoon baby who tricked the working class that he was one of them by wearing Crocs and hoodies. I was calling him out and getting downvoted as a result since he was sworn in.

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Apes love playing with puppies, they got this.

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Is that really what it needs though?

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Maybe explain it, instead of being a smart ass for internet points

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Followed up with a leg drop!

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Who Lucas? I mean name me one young guy with money who wasn't thinking with his dick. I'm sure that's why his marriage fell apart but he's an old man now, with a new wife and a new Outlook who I'm sure has very little in common with his young self.

I say this as a guy who is finally reaching the age where I don't want to fuck every woman I meet. Where I no longer need a new girl all the time. It feels like I'm an alcoholic who is slowly losing his taste for it and I feel great. People grow up.

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You lost me at "save". Save what? Pocket lint? Nobody has the funds for savings anymore. I used to put aside a few hundred bucks a month 10 years ago. Now I can't even afford my entire month's expenses, let alone save any money.

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Yeah he's the pretentious friend that can't watch a movie until he's messed with the color settings for like 10 minutes.

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Somewhat related but I was both happy and sad to see Edie Falco play Hilary on "impeachment". She is so incredible in the role but we only got like a small handful of scenes of her.


Happy anniversary to raid at Harpers ferry, and the battle cry of hero John Brown!

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