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How high? Like we can walk across it high?

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That is exactly what I meant. Thanks!

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However, thinking that murder will magically be legal for a sitting President as part of his executive duties, is slightly more based in reality.

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Today's Motorola Solutions is the legal successor to the Motorola that invented the ~~cell phone.~~ Motorized Victrola.

Kids today.... Think EVERYTHING starts with their cell phones.

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The Air Force pilots would drop them in battle during the American Revolution!

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I was waiting tables at the Eat N Park across the street from the bank where the "Pizza Bomber" exploded. We couldn't tell what was happening from where we were, but I was there.

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They just hear us say it about them so they assume it's just a bad word to throw at people you don't like, similar to doo doo head, or fart sniffer.

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He ate McDonald's for 30 days. He was vegetarian and into fitness the rest of his life.

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Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth. -Mike Tyson

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That's exactly it! Someone else shared it here a week or so ago and I thought it was very interesting.

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My kids and I watched the first two episodes last night, and I'm impressed. It feels like Fallout. I like the characters so far, and they squeeze in enough game references to keep my brain spiking with recognition.

We set the bar pretty low on video game adaptations, but I feel this one's doing alright so far!

What does everyone else think? (Let's keep spoilers to a minimum. Most of us probably weren't able to watch the whole thing in one night.)

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She is currently heading home with a clean bill of health and about to meet her new siblings!

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