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There's no shame in changing your mind, there is no shame in needing help, there is no shame in self improvement, try to love yourself as a whole and work towards changing the things you don't love.

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Reminds me of that Mr show skit, where the White supremacist runs a hate group full of every ethnicity and they are all friends but still want a race war. Like we want French ethno state through working with other nationalities!!

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Yes I belive so, my Ukrainian friend sent it to me with no context xD..

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Me: A white straight dude married with a kid. Mod of NonCredibleDefense.

Also Me: Member of R196 and takes inclusion seriously. Fuck JK Rowling!

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Canada 93 Baby!!!! I mean err UK 2024 Baby!!!

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I missed out on Rotissary chicken most of my life. I always viewed it as processed unhealthy McDonald's style crap. My wife loved them , so I finnally lookes at the ingredients label and nutritional label. In Canada atleast, Walmart and Safeways Chickens are as if you roasted the chicken yourself. All natural spices and no random preserve chemicals.

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I've wrote, more books than I've read.

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left: Are they allowed to vote then?

Right: hell no!!!

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Never underestimate the therapeutic power of actually doing nothing.

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MatthiasGaming: I felt like when he got bigger his personality changed, it almost became like a show/fake persona.

Arumba: Became a cranky unhappy person unfortunately..

A fewl (I don't want to give a platform): Became angry biggots:X

Jesse Cox/Pewdie Pie/Markiplier: outgrew the sense of humor/entertainment.

TLDR: Usually some change in personality alienated me.

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I don't want to be that guy... Let me start thus by saying I love OG and I love Murray. But I don't think OG should make more than Murray..

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I mean Pollivere, refused to have access to security docs... Plausible deniability...

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