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It's game FIVE of Mavericks vs Celtics.

The Mavs staved off the sweep with the biggest victory of the entire playoffs. 3-1 has been done, as Nick Nurse once said—will they push it to 7 or end in a Gentleman’s Sweep?

Thanks for joining us all season everyone who has participated.


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Here are the per-year dollar amounts on his new deal.

  • 2024-25- $17.4 million
  • 2025-26- $18.8 million
  • 2026-27- $20.2 million
  • 2027-28- $21.6 million (player option)


With the win tonight the Celtics gentleman sweep the Mavs!

Let's see how the offseason is looking for the Mavs:

Cap Space


Draft Picks

1st Rounders

2nd Rounders



A great run to the finals was ended quickly tonight with the Mavericks losing tonight 106-88 in game 5. The Mavericks looked like a completely different team after the trade deadline with the additions of Washington and Gafford. They were able to continue that momentum all the way to the finals but unfortunately didn't have enough to get passed the Celtics.

They'll enter the offseason over the cap due to everyone on the roster being signed for at least 1 more season. After this season Kyrie has a PO, both sides will likely look to workout terms for a longer term deal given the success of this season. They'll be a bit limited on what they can do for moves since they also have very little in terms of 1st rounders to trade (only control 1 future pick of their own) given the recent trades as well as the trade to bring Kyrie to Dallas. They do have a decent amount of 2nd which should allow some upgrades around the edges.

While disappointed, Mavericks fans will definitely see this season as a success given the issues they initially had with the Luka/Kyrie pairing. The additions of Washington and Gafford made a big impact and Lively was a good steal in the draft. They'll look to use the offseason and next year to build more chemistry with this core as well as push for some additional upgrades to take another shot at the title next year.


The Celtics complete the gentleman's sweep tonight with their 106-88 win tonight.

They were finally able to get over the hump and have won the Celtics 18th championship to put them ahead of the Lakers all time. Let's see how the offseason is looking for them:

Cap Space


Draft Picks

1st Round

2nd Round

**Got uploads to work until I tried the 2nd round, will update once it's working again. **



The Celtics continued their regular season dominance throughout the playoffs and were able to win their first title with this core finally.

While they'll enter next season well over the cap and likely over the 2nd Apron they have their core all signed for at least 1 more year so won't have to worry about coming back the next year weaker like most of the recent Champions have had to deal with.

Unlike a lot of the recent champions they also have a lot of draft capital still. They own their own pick for the next 3 years they can use to make some trades should they feel they need to make some minor upgrades or add some depth as they face the grind of attempting to repeat next season.

With their dominance this season and most of their core still relatively young they'll feel optimistic about their chance to repeat next year.


It's game FOUR of Mavericks vs Celtics.

If the Celtics win, they will be the first team ever to sweep both conference and NBA Finals, with a final combined season+postseason record of 80-20

Thanks for joining us all season everyone who has participated.

If this is it—see you in the off season!


It's game THREE of Mavericks vs Celtics.

Thanks for joining us all season everyone who has participated.

Welcome to the first NBA Finals series in any Lemmy NBA community history.


Interesting article, not sure if I fully buy it’s always the reason for late whistles but makes a bit of sense.


Sounds like I'm trying to be controversial, but I'm really not. Nor a Luka hater (I'm a fan). I'm just thinking out loud here ...

It's just that watching the first two games of the finals, I can't shake the feeling that the Celtics make him look small. Not physically, but in terms of the power he has over the game, even though he's probably the best or top 2 of the players on the court.

It just feels like being 1 way and ball heavy is too often just too much of a weakness, especially while watching Brown, Jrue and Porzingis (and even Tatum managing his slump) be impactful all over the court in ways that connect together as a team.

Meanwhile Luka is too often getting frustrated with his shot not going down or not getting the call he wanted and clearly wanting to wait for the next offensive possession to have another go at his favourite moves (though being frustrated with his team makes sense, but TBF he's had some frustrating turn overs too).

Like, it feels like this finals could be the beginning of a story about Luka being this mercurial and prodigious offensive player that never wanted to (or could) take care of his weaknesses enough to get a ring.

I'm not calling it or anything ... it's just what I'm coming away from the first two games with ... in part because while the Celtics (especially with Porzingis in) are the better team I don't think they've played well and have still made it look clearly one-sided while it doesn't feel like Luka is a miraculous hero who just needs some help.

Darvin Ham Joining Bucks (
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Will join Docs staff as an assistant.

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