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What's wrong with Inkscape? It's meant to be a vector graphics editor

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Implement my list of ideas. Although it is pretty likely we will end up watching YouTube videos together

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My nose is just itchy but I don't want to pick it during the conversation

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cuz you can only die once anyway, so you will end up with a chance approaching 100% of getting the money

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If you haven't, I highly recommend watching the TTC 0xA stars

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The best is don't smoke at all

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Not anymore there's a blanket

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Because not everyone is comfortable with swears

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Yes. My dad is still using Yahoo mail

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And remember external links break after a day

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I have 2 physical output devices, say "speakers" and "headphones", and I frequently switch between them.

I also have a script that creates 2 virtual sinks for voice call and game by loading module-combine-sink twice on "speakers" and "headphones".

It works, but it's annoying that every time I want to switch device, I also need to mute the other one.

Ideally, I want to use module-remap-sink instead, remapping the 2 virtual sinks to the default one. This is where I'm stuck. What do I put in for master?

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Alt text: A planned driving route on Google Maps, crossing the Wan Chai district in 1 minute.

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For a few months now, Pipewire has been acting in weird ways. Before I upgraded to Plasma 6, after a screen blank (not suspend) no media can be played. For example, YouTube player is in the loading state for a long time, eventually playing without sound, VLC doesn't start for a few minutes.

I have to restart the Pipewire Systemd service to fix it. This restart process takes much longer than usual (<1 seconds). Sometimes it takes up to 5 minutes.

Now with Plasma 6, it also does the same after the initial login. I'm guessing this is because Plasma ignores some KWIN_X11_* env var?

However, if I restart the Pipewire service prior to playing any media after login or screen blank, it takes <1 seconds and everything plays correctly.

This seems to be the problem with the HDMI audio only, as switching to the USB headphones (before screen blanks) prevents this from happening.

How should I start troubleshooting this? What other details should I provide?

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I'm working on a presentation about the Fediverse, and would like to end the presentation with a slogan. Any ideas?

Edit: I probably should've specified more stuff. This is an informative presentation, not persuasive, and I don't plan to get into the enshittification. Ideally I don't want to include any corporations.

Edit 2: My title is "The Future is Everywhere"

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Matters are not evenly distributed.

Edit: lol this is as controversial as I expected

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I remember reading somewhere (probably my high school textbook) that one of the reasons people don't like wind power being built is they cause visual pollution.

In my opinion, I think it would be pretty cool to just look out my window and see a giant windmill there, the opposite of visual pollution.

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I had a moment to think about why I like certain games, and I have figured out some criteria for myself,

  1. Vibrant colours
  2. Simple/Cartoon-ish looks
  3. Mid/High level of complexity in mechanics

That's why my current favourite game is Splatoon 3, followed by Minecraft, and the list consists mostly of Nintendo games.

What's your criteria?

kappa is U (
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