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Percentage-wise Jews are actually overrepresented in pro Palestine rallies and protests.

There aren't actually that many Jews in the world. Continuing the hypothetical 20%, if 20% of Americans would go protesting the numbers would be insane.

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Ramallah, April 22, 2024

Seems pretty news to me.

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Posting about shitty people is what /news is for

At least this article adds some context to the Colombia protests and Zionists in general.

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Israeli forces killed three Palestinian children during a military incursion into Nour Shams refugee camp that lasted more than two days.

Jihad Nyaz Naser Zandiq, 15, Ali Mohammad Ali Abdullah, 17, and Qais Fathi Ibrahim Nasrullah, 14, were killed by Israeli forces on April 19 during a 54-hour military incursion into Nour Shams refugee camp, near Tulkarem in the northern occupied West Bank, according to documentation collected by Defense for Children International - Palestine.

Israeli forces shot Jihad and Qais with live ammunition while shrapnel from an Israeli-fired shell killed Ali. Israeli forces deliberately blocked Palestinian ambulances from reaching wounded Palestinians for the entire duration of the military incursion.

The Israeli military invasion into Nour Shams refugee camp marks the deadliest days in the occupied West Bank since the Second Intifada,” said Ayed Abu Eqtaish, accountability program director at DCIP. “Israeli forces viciously targeted Palestinian children with deadly force and destroyed civilian infrastructure throughout the camp, amounting to collective punishment in violation of international law.”

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He is a professor at Colombia University where massive pro-Palestine protests are currently taking place. Shai is a very outspoken Zionist in favor of Genociding Palestinians as noted in the article

A self-proclaimed Zionist, Davidai is an Israeli-American who served in the IDF (“proud of it”) and has continually harassed Columbia’s pro-Palestine activists, labeling them anti-semitic, pro-Hamas “terrorists.”

His father being CEO of an American weapons manufacturer which also supplies weapons to israel adds some important context to it.

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No you see Ticketmaster scammed everyone and Taylor just happened to fall on a Billion dollars

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I'm not sure if running multiple single SSD machines would provide much redundancy over a server with multiple PSU's and drives. Sure the CPU or mobo could fail but the downtime would be less hassle than 25 old PC's.

Of course there is a learning experience in more hardware but 25 PC's does seem slightly overkill. I can imagine 3-5 max.

I'm probably looking at this from a homelab point of view who just wants to run stuff though, not really as the hobby being "setting up the PC's themselves".

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Of course, but installing everything on multiple bare metal machines which take IP addresses, against just running it in VM's which have IP addresses... It just takes a lot of extra power and doesn't achieve much. Of course that can be said about any hobby, but I just want OP to know that there is no real reason to do this and I don't understand so many people hyping it up.

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After throwing a foot-stomping tantrum earlier this morning, Shai Davidai, an untenured Columbia University business professor, was denied access to campus.

A self-proclaimed Zionist, Davidai is an Israeli-American who served in the IDF (“proud of it”) and has continually harassed Columbia’s pro-Palestine activists, labeling them anti-semitic, pro-Hamas “terrorists.”

Davidai comes from a long line of assholes. His father, Eli Davidai, is an Israeli business executive who served as General Manager of ARC, which describes itself as a “leading global advanced manufacturing service provider.”

Among other things, ARC manufactures weapons parts, including “polymer magazine for NATO Compatible weapons,” “triggers and hammers,” “precision guided munitions components,” and more.

In 2016, ARC won an award for an AR-15 component and, in 2010, scored a prize for an “explosive device made for a Department of Defense application.”

ARC also makes parts for MCX and MPX rifles, which are used by the Israeli military.

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Bringing protest signs = ABSOLUTE LUNATICS!!!

Proceeds to whataboutism questions far less impactful than the Genocide of Gaza which is by far the worst human rights violation worldwide right now.

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I don't understand why people want to use so many PC's rather than just run multiple VM's on a single server that has more cores.

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Pretty impressive to have a 82% child casualty rate. Zionazis trying hard to reach new lows.

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Israeli strikes on the southern Gaza city of Rafah overnight killed 22 people, including 18 children, health officials said Sunday.

Israel has carried out near-daily air raids on Rafah, where more than half of Gaza's population of 2.3 million has sought refuge from fighting elsewhere. It has also vowed to expand its ground offensive against the Hamas militant group to the city on the border with Egypt despite calls for restraint, including from the United States.

The first Israeli strike in Rafah killed a man, his wife and their three-year-old child, according to the nearby Kuwaiti Hospital, which received the bodies. The woman was pregnant and the doctors saved the baby, the hospital said. The second strike killed 17 children and two women from an extended family.

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Doctors in Gaza have saved a baby from the womb of her mother as she lay dying from head injuries sustained in an in Israeli airstrike. The girl was delivered via an emergency caesarean section at a hospital in Rafah.

The woman, Sabreen al-Sakani, was 30 weeks pregnant when her family home was hit by an airstrike. Her husband, Shoukri, and their three-year-old daughter, Malak, also died.

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On Sunday, 54 Columbia Law School professors sent a letter to university leadership condemning the school’s decision to summarily suspend student protesters and to authorize a police raid on campus. The procedural irregularity of the mass suspensions, the lack of transparency about how decisions were made, and the involvement of the New York Police Department threaten the university’s legitimacy internally and in the eyes of the public, the faculty charge.

“While we as a faculty disagree about the relevant political issues and express no opinion on the merits of the protest, we are writing to urge respect for basic rule-of-law values that ought to govern our University,” reads the letter, whose signatories are permament members of the law school faculty.

Last week, the GOP-led House Committee on Education and Workforce brought Shafik, former Law School dean and Task Force on Antisemitism co-chair David Schizer, and board of trustees co-chairs Claire Shipman and David Greenwald to testify on campus antisemitism. During the hearing, members of Congress pressed for assurances from the Columbia administrators that they would crack down even harder on pro-Palestinian student protesters.

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America has great public housing, free meals and they even provide everyone with a job. I just don't understand why residents need to wear those funny orange suits.

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Israel has yet to provide supporting evidence of its claims that employees of the UN relief agency Unrwa are members of terrorist organisations, an independent review led by the former French foreign minister Catherine Colonna has said.

The Colonna report, which was commissioned by the UN in the wake of Israeli allegations, found that Unrwa had regularly supplied Israel with lists of its employees for vetting, and that “the Israeli government has not informed Unrwa of any concerns relating to any Unrwa staff based on these staff lists since 2011”.

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Israel’s Channel 12 revealed that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu fears that the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague will issue orders to arrest him and other officials due to violations in the war on Gaza.

The channel revealed that an urgent discussion took place on Tuesday at the Prime Minister’s Office that has remained confidential until now, in which worrying scenarios and serious concerns emerged that would allow the issuance of international arrest warrants from ICC in The Hague against senior Israeli officials, security leaders and politicians, including Netanyahu himself.

It reported that the highest political and legal elite in Israel were present at the discussion. The Israeli channel noted that the reason for issuing international arrest warrants was the war in Gaza.

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Palestinian civil defence crews have uncovered a mass grave inside the Nasser Medical Complex in Gaza’s Khan Younis, with 180 bodies recovered so far, Al Jazeera has learned, as Israel has continued bombardment of the devastated coastal enclave for more than six months.

“In the hospital courtyard, civil defence members and paramedics have retrieved 180 bodies buried in this mass grave by the Israeli military. The bodies include elderly women, children and young men,” Al Jazeera’s Hani Mahmoud reporting from Khan Younis said on Sunday.

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The role of major technology companies and international social media platforms in the killing of Palestinian civilians during Israel’s genocidal war against the Gaza Strip, ongoing since 7 October 2023, must be investigated. These companies need to be held accountable if found to be complicit or not to have taken adequate precautions to prevent access to, and exploitation of, users’ information. They must ensure that their services are not used in conflict zones and that their users’ privacy is respected.

With concerns being voiced regarding the Lavender system’s possible reliance on tracking social media accounts, Israeli military and intelligence sources have acknowledged attacking potential targets without considering the principle of proportionality or collateral damage.

A young Palestinian man who requested to be identified only as “A.F.” due to safety concerns, for instance, was seriously injured in an Israeli bombing that targeted a residential house in Gaza City’s Al-Sabra neighborhood.

His relative told Euro-Med Monitor that A.F. had merely been attempting to mimic press reporters when he posted the brief video clip on his personal Instagram account. Suddenly, however, A.F. was targeted by an Israeli reconnaissance plane while on the roof of the house.

The house was targeted shortly after A.F. posted a video clip on Instagram, which is owned by Meta, in which he joked that he was in a “field reconnaissance mission”.

A separate Israeli bombing on 16 April claimed the lives of six young Palestinians who had gathered to access Internet services. One of the victims was using a group chat on WhatsApp—a Meta subsidiary—to report news about the Sheikh Radwan neighbourhood of Gaza City.

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A Canadian humanitarian organization says its key water-aid truck was bombed in Gaza this week, and the federal government now says it has contacted the Israeli government for "more information" on the incident.

The response comes after the aid agency called on Ottawa to mount a full investigation into what it believes was a "targeted" incident. The IDRF, a registered non-profit based in Toronto, told CBC News that the incident is believed to be the first bombing of a Canadian aid truck during the current war in Gaza.

The truck was bombed in the early hours of Wednesday morning, the relief agency said. It was parked outside the Tuffah district in the northern part of Gaza at the time, and was clearly marked with the organization's name and a maple leaf, it added.

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Hafez would seem like an unlikely target for a smear campaign. A well-respected academic researcher in Austria, his work focused on documenting and combating anti-Muslim racism in Europe. He was a co-author of the European Islamophobia Report, a scholarly annual analysis of anti-Muslim discrimination on the continent, and was affiliated with a Islamophobia research center based out of Georgetown University.

The Muslim Brotherhood is a political movement mostly based in the Arab states, which has often clashed with the conservative monarchies in the region. The movement has been suppressed in countries like Egypt but remains a bogeyman for local leaders as well as right-wing groups in Western countries who have frequently accused Muslim political opponents of association with the group.

Hafez felt himself gradually becoming the target of these attacks. The accusations were often put forward vaguely in public where individuals or organizations were accused of “affiliations” with the Muslim Brotherhood rather than holding any concrete roles or membership. The allegations were amorphous enough that they were impossible to refute, or even challenge, mostly disseminated as they were through whisper campaigns spread through the Austrian government and security establishment.

“In a way, what Vidino was enabling was the criminalization of critical scholarship about Islam and anti-Muslim racism in Europe,” Hafez said. “But when I first started looking into him, I was focused on his ideological ties to the far-right in the United States. I assumed that he was an ideologically inspired person. I had no clue whatsoever that the UAE was behind his work, and maybe even the main driver.”

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U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken is expected to within days announce sanctions against the Israel Defense Forces "Netzah Yehuda" battalion for human rights violations in the occupied West Bank, three U.S. sources with knowledge of the issue told Axios.

Why it matters: It would be the first time the U.S. imposed sanctions on an Israeli military unit.

A U.S. official said Blinken's determination about the Netzah Yehuda unit is based on incidents that occurred before the Oct. 7 Hamas attack on Israel and all took place in the West Bank.

Flashback: The Netzah Yehuda battalion was formed as a special unit for ultra-orthodox soldiers. All of its members are men.

  • Over the years, the unit stationed in the West Bank became a destination for many "Hilltop Youth" — young radical right wing settlers who weren't accepted into any other combat unit in the IDF.

  • The U.S. State Department started investigating the Netzah Yehuda battalion in late 2022 after its soldiers were involved in several incidents of violence against Palestinian civilians, Haaretz reported at the time.

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