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Or just use a convection oven. They're super fast. 6 drumsticks or 4 thighs in 20 minutes.

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You can't just call everyone who disagrees with you a "Zionist". We can read comments and your responses to them. That's exactly what extremists, like Zionists, do.

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I was saying "boo-urns".

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It doesn't matter. It's only a crime if you know the bill is fake; and the average person doesn't know that. Running a red light is a worse offense.

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This is excellent stress testing for NATO weapons. It sucks for the Ukrainians that they have to be the testing ground, but it's better than wargames to iron out the kinks.

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George Floyd 100% did not deserve to die, and it wasn't a tragic mistake that killed him. That's why his death was so shocking.

As someone who used to deal with counterfeit currency, presenting a fake bill is not a crime. The average person has no idea whether a bill is counterfeit and cops definitely don't. There was literally no reason for Derek Chauvin (and the others) to arrest him, let alone choke him to death.

That's why people went nuts. He was killed for no other reason than being a black man. It's as simple as that: some people are totally fine with killing black people because they don't see them as human.

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Yeah they're not stupid, they're selfish. So they're not that different from some Republicans.

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It wouldn't work.

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Ignore these losers. When he is convicted, they will say "he won't be sentenced to anything". When he is sentenced they will say "it's not long enough".

This dude will probably be under home arrest with an ankle bracelet in two years. I'm only unsure of the ankle bracelet. I think the Secret Service can keep an eye on him.

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their store refused to let the employees EVACUATE

If there's an emergency, just leave. There's no way HR can approve a disciplinary action for leaving an unsafe work environment. Put all your money and stuff away and leave.

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You may work in Search and Rescue but that doesn't mean they can steal from your paycheck. In workplaces that give you a set amount of time off, that time off is treated like money you are owed. If you are fired or quit, they have to pay you out.

They literally owe you the time off. You earned it. If they don't let you take it when you need it, it's like they're not paying you for work you already did. Would you accept that? I'm guessing no amount of guilting ("it's Search and Rescue!") would convince you to give them back your paycheck.

It's their fault if they don't hire enough people for you to take a vacation. Not yours. You have to be rested in order to do all the tough aspects of your job, or people could die. Think of it that way.

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how can you know that when you wake up you're still the same person that went to sleep last night?

Because you are composed of 99.99999% the exact same molecules. When you transport, you are literally ripped apart and recreated with new molecules at the destination site. That's how the transporter works. Your bed does not work that way.

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You can't cut any taxes or programs to fund your idea. Nothing else in your government is going to change. It can't be a tax that you avoid somehow. The money comes from you and similar people in your situation. Don't try to get around it in some way.

What would you pay more taxes to support?

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Looks like the missile hit a radar dish.

Satellite imagery released over the past 24 hours has revealed evidence of probable damage at an Iranian air base following an Israeli strike in the early hours of Friday morning.

Iran says the attack involved drones that were neutralised by air defences.

An Umbra Space image captured after Friday's strike shows damage and debris around one component - probably a radar - which has also shifted position slightly.

This assessment was confirmed by an optical satellite image captured by Planet which, despite low resolution, shows a scorch mark at the same location.

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“As trains — many carrying hazardous material — have grown longer, crews should not be getting smaller,” said Eddie Hall, the president of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen union. He praised the FRA for taking the step President Joe Biden promised. Hall said keeping two people in the cab of a locomotive is crucial now that railroads rely on longer trains that routinely stretch for miles.

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Looks like it actually was possible to bond the whole amount.

Don Hankey, the billionaire chairman of Knight Insurance Group, told NBC News he was negotiating to post a far heftier bond of $557 million with the Trump Organization when the state Appellate Division lowered the size of the required bond to $175 million.

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Despite resounding victories on Super Tuesday, there are indications that Donald Trump is still struggling to get strong, united Republican support, which he may need in the presidential election.

Speaking to CNN about the Super Tuesday results, columnist and political commentator Molly Jong-Fast said: "There is a real 'Never Trump' contingent, and remember, Trump is a primary candidate. He has only ever tried to appeal to Republican primary voters, and he cannot marshal that group together the way he needs to.

"Part of his trick in 2016 was, he got these low-frequency voters out, these people who almost never voted, which is why the polling was so off, and you're just not seeing that same type of enthusiasm."

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Separately, over 50 attorneys general from both political parties wrote to Life Corp and its owner and executives on Tuesday as part of the nationwide Anti-Robocall Multistate Litigation Task Force, warning them to immediately cease any unlawful call traffic or risk being found in violation of consumer protection laws.

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