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"at me"?

Bruh, you're not who they were responding to. You don't have to insert yourself and then get defensive.

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Trump's Twitter account was created in April 2009, and his first tweet wasn't until May 4th, 2009. https://apnews.com/article/twitter-donald-trump-ban-cea450b1f12f4ceb8984972a120018d5

It'd be funny if he did say that, but this is a fabricated tweet.

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Would he be told about this plan? It'd certainly be more convincing if he didn't know, and was set up by the RNC.

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Like a hot shower - comforting and warm, but also sometimes a bit painful. Relaxing, but also still has 'work' involved.

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It took fewer time, too.

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The story I've heard is "What does a 'good cop' get for sticking their neck out for what is right?" "Fired."

I agree with your sentiment though. I don't know how to fix it, but we need an overhaul of the system.

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For a while, I thought 'The Picard Maneuver' was a Community with how often I would see your posts. Please do.

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"FUCK, I came for longer than 5 seconds. Now I have to go through the factory reset AGAIN."

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You have to do facial recognition with a cheap webcam. Apparently using AI is still so cost-prohibitive, they already had to pull one of these machines. https://www.dallasnews.com/news/texas/2024/07/10/chips-chocolate-and-ammunition-at-a-vending-machine-near-some/

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I'd imagine that all their lives, they've been told stuff like 'If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you can move mountains' and also 'God is all-powerful and all-loving'.

They have faith. They trust that God will heal. From everything they've been told about the religion, praying a disease away is a piece of cake. Jesus did it with leprosy, so why shouldn't they be able to do it to? Giving her insulin would have shown doubt, and they can't have that when they're desperately trying to prove their faith. Plus, it's not like an all-powerful and all-loving god would let an innocent girl DIE because of that, right? But even if he did, then that's all part of his master plan.

They already have a thought-terminating cliche for every red flag their brain raises. It's truly awful what happened and that people would sooner lose a child over losing their religion.

Edit: Just got back from the article and a few followups. Nevermind! This was a fucking cult. >The Saints—a tight-knit group that only has 23 members in total, spread over three families.

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Sort of, but she gave most people realistic names, it's only with people further outside the central narrative that gets weird, and it goes further than just the name. I referred to my made-up character as 'European' and used common Spanish and Italian last names, which would be weird, but fine by itself. However, imagine if they were the ONLY white character in the entire book, and JK only wrote about how "Lombardi loved pasta and naps" as their main characteristics.

Cho Chang is a popular and smart girl who struggles with always listening to her parents, but suddenly becomes dumb around Harry because "she can't focus around him". She's basically just a ManicPixieDreamGirl for Harry to have emotions about.

So, it's not just about the name, it's how the character is treated overall, and the way she's treated is as a generic Asian romantic interest stereotype with a made-up name.

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I see two casings for switches. Do you have to toggle each ball individually or something?

Also, how do you remember which way to flip the switch? Can it get turned around?

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