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He's trying to convince everyone like it's a business deal. Like he has some leverage on them.

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I'm really surprised no one has thrown a shoe at him

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This is actually the rule if you are a transit operator. I would however ask someone to not take up 3 seats.

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I think that's not necessary. Having some insight is good. But I don't want to have to study laws and all sorts of crap just to vote. I want to live my life. I think should be able to pay attention and have enough information to decide who should lead. Dedicating my life to knowing all of it is not something I want to spend so much energy on.

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I think looking for the polar opposite is a misstep. We want a leader. Someone that can unify us and make things happen. This isn't a grudge match or a sporting event. That's what they want as politicians.

As a citizen I want our government to help us by making decisions that help everyone involved. Keeping businesses here to keep money in the community and checking those companies when they are violating basic rights of those people.

I really don't think it's too much to ask.

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The MB probably doesn't jive with the GPU. Look up online for the MB manufacturer if it supports that sort of GPU.

If your RAM is seated as 1 and 2, make it 1 and 3 or 2 and 4.

Fans usually means the BIOS is recognizing some hardware as funky. I had this same issue when I bought RAM that was incompatible with my MB.

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The old fuddy duddies and the golden showers

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That's exactly what it is

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That's a good chair. I have the dark grey one. Comfy as hell.

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But where else am I going to get the winning lotto numbers?

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I'm guessing this English but I'm just not dumb enough to get it

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Rule 1. Whatever that is. Maybe Elon felt the pressure and needs to press on whoever.

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