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What, like real mountains aren't named after things you find there?!?!

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Skipping meals for a week won't harm you. It's water you can't do without.

Two weeks starts to get dangerous.

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Probably on the Trump campaign, honestly, Ja sucks.

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Grenade on the plane, Pootin likes matching pairs

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My favorite obviously fake sci-fi gun props are P90s.

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It kind of was. Even in 2021, about 8% of female service members reported being assaulted that year.

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Tacitus explicitly refers to a "Christus" crucified by Pilate and the cult followers he gave his name to, "Chrestianos," distinct but related to Judaism. If there is a problem with citing him as proof of Jesus's historical reality it's that he doesn't tell us where he heard about "Christus," and might just be reporting the claims of the cult without having bothered to see if Prefect Pilate actually executed a random Hebrew cult leader for treason.

Of course, by the time Tacitus wrote he might just not have bothered, rebelling against Rome and getting executed for it is just kind of what Hebrews did at the time.

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Idk, I think it's worth mentioning. I didn't know that about him.

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The problem is the tags don't actually seem to translate through apps and the Fediverse so I've just been going old school and saying SPOILERS AHEAD

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That is a stupid system that had absolutely no input from healthcare professionals and a lot from people that want to privatize healthcare.

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