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[-] [email protected] 6 points 1 month ago

Ammo! Gerasimov! Where's the Shoigu?!

[-] [email protected] 10 points 1 month ago

He's lasted so long! Wow, it must be a record to have lived this long working for Putin.

[-] [email protected] 3 points 1 month ago

In Britain, they compare the length of your term with how long it takes lettuce to decompose. They don't bother in Russia because it's always the lettuce.

[-] [email protected] 3 points 1 month ago

He's actually been around since the Soviet Union. He perfected the art of invisible paper pushing.

[-] [email protected] 1 points 1 month ago

Ain't got nothin on Luka

[-] [email protected] 28 points 1 month ago
[-] [email protected] 12 points 1 month ago

What's the over-under on polonium tea vs. anti-aircraft missile?

[-] [email protected] 2 points 1 month ago

He feels like falling to his death from a fifth floor window while having tea in his countryside garden.

[-] [email protected] 1 points 1 month ago

Grenade on the plane, Pootin likes matching pairs

[-] [email protected] 7 points 1 month ago

don't drink that tea!

[-] [email protected] 6 points 1 month ago

Great picture, as an aside, really sells the story

[-] [email protected] 4 points 1 month ago

Putin: Off you trot then.

Shoigu: #@&

[-] [email protected] 35 points 1 month ago

Yeah, transfer, out of a window.

[-] [email protected] 3 points 1 month ago

More likely to a hole in the tundra somewhere.

[-] [email protected] 4 points 1 month ago

Worse, he's going to have to work with Medvedev.

[-] [email protected] 2 points 1 month ago

Oh no he fell from the basement window and died

[-] [email protected] 13 points 1 month ago

I’m amazed this inept fool lasted as long as he did

[-] [email protected] 3 points 1 month ago* (last edited 1 month ago)


Kofman criticized him for a number of things, including going on offensives at times when held have benefitted from being on defense.

He's not being replaced by someone with military expertise, though, so I'm not sure that that's the driving factor here.

And his own background was in disaster response. I don't know how much of the actions taken under him were, in fact, from him. Kofman had to be guessing, to a certain extent.

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