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Apparently, it is an Americanism that refers to the processed tuna flakes in tinned containers.

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Michelle Yeoh carried the show in the episodes she appeared in. Otherwise it is Bantha poodoo.

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This case is weird. You have Trumptards wanting Baldwin imprisoned because he mocked Trump once on tv. Then you have bleeding heart leftists who simp for Hannah because muh mysoggyknee, muh classism, muh wimmin never dun nufin wrong. It's a perfect storm of shitty people coming together for a wrong cause.

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Simply close your accounts and go elsewhere. When enough people do it, it's called a bank run. Do it.

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Maybe space stations should have lifeboats. Ocean liners must have them, why not the ISS?

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Just use Post-it notes, bro.

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Reminder that Stalin was stupid enough to believe that Hitler was NOT stupid enough to renege on their little NAP over Poland. When Barbarossa rolled in, Stalin initially forbade his troops from fighting back because he thought it was a false flag ops by the Western Allies.

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> Stahlmemegewitter

Is this a WWII German weapon?

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> picks vuvuzela as example

> conveniently overlooks hundreds of European and Asian "socialist" countries

> also overlooks merely redirecting 10% of defence budget to "socialism" will cure more of your cuntry's ills

> also overlooks the MIC as the biggest "socialist" welfare queen program ever


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Suhweeet! We can be the Old Ones, Chutulu flatghn la!

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The English were assroped by the French Normans that they had to rename many common foodstuffs.

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