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Thing you pick up in nature (a fruit, for example, like apple) still called food.

But i like your idea, perhaps we rephrase it. What about call it "dishes" or "cuisines"

=> is "cuisines" a social construct.

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hey friend, thurdays today.

How is you day .

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The glass door of my office just colapse today

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nope, it is all gone.

  • Pay phone using card is already gone since we transit into coin ops phone.
  • Our country once have coin but the quality is so bad that no one use coin anymore. => Coin Ops phone quickly obsolete
  • People use mobile nowday a lot. A non-smart mobile cost 25$, a smart phone cost $100. Sim card cost 5$, with out without personal paperwork (prefilled with stranger info). You can buy an anounymous sim card 5$ anywhere on street.
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Anyone have anything interesting ?

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yo, morning

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it is too lag to open this link.

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What kind of attention you might want to avoid ?

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You just find out you are living in virtual world (simulation) and was grant permission to freely create matter. You can create anything, as long as you know it. The admin use you as test subject and see what happen if you have that such ability.

You have 2 ability:

  • Inspect the item: the item is near you, in your eyesight, or you can touch the item with your body part (no need eyesight now). Then the item property, material, schema, ... is written in your brain.
  • Create a item: create a carbon copy of what you inspect (copy a dollar bill), or you can create new stuff with your creativity (got to start somewhere, scan some basic material like sand, water, ... first then build with basic material)

So, what should you do ?

Others "thing", law of physics, people/biology behaviours as normal.

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Lemmy front-end can be anywhere, it is front-end. It is an app install on your computer. Think, front-end is an app like mobile app on your phone. But front-end is on internet because it is a web-app, you got to download it first. THen your browser cache it.

Some instance host front-end for convenient, but you can access front-end from the project homepage.

For example: to use alexandrite front-end access lemmy.world, you can

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If I can duplicate myself, but that duplicate is in other gender (i.e: changing a gender gene would be so hard, isn't it). There would be so much fun.

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Social skill. Havent learnt it since

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So, I see some comment, post view from my instance is missing comparing to view from that original instance. Which prevent me to interact (like, comment)

As a user, how to tell the instance to update missing content ?

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