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I hadn't seen that; the last "official" position I saw on it was that it was still in question on how he obtained it, but that it was presumed to be his father's. But even then, that highlights difficulties with gun ownership. Someone giving me a car doesn't grandfather me in to use, so if it was gifted from his father, that bypasses some current checks. If it was a gun his father owned that he took, then it likely wasn't secure as it should be, again failing the traditional gun safety terms and responsible ownership.

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Don't disagree. Just limited my scope because the discussion was on the Trump attempt, and used the "high-end" version of firearms because that should arguably be more heavily regulated because of the amount of damage they could cause.

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That's my issue. The ease with which you can obtain high-end fire arms is too high. I have to do a written test, 30+ supervised hours of driving by another person, then pass a skills test, to get a vehicle license.

Meanwhile, I can walk into a store in my state and walk out with an AR15 today. I can then open carry that AR15 wherever I please. There is a background check for federally licensed dealers, but no other sales. I don't need to register it. I don't need training to carry it amongst the public. The biggest barrier to obtaining one is the cost.

Part of the issue with the attempt on Trump was the guy was outside the SS perimeter, so they didn't have "jurisdiction", and the guy was following PA laws for the most part up until he pulled the trigger.

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Nah. I'm staying at my current stage, paying for Live and then doing the extra $5 for Game Pass.....shit tier? Idk what it's called now. I don't need to play CoD on day 1.

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I did go to school with one but he was a decent friend and we carried on in classes together. He came from Ghana, and I can't remember the specifics of his moving (it's been over 15 years) but he was originally born in Ghana. He was pretty smart, but I think he struggled a bit with "integrating" to the high school, as he'd let himself be the butt of jokes at times. He'd tell stories about growing up in Ghana and exaggerate or make up details that would carry on into ongoing phrases we'd repeat like inside jokes. Particularly, he said he would ride a bull to school, which turned into a sing-song phrase "ridin' bulls". He was a good time.

The state isn't exactly known for its spectacular past (we were a Union state though), and I think there was some fear with other students. He was in the International Baccalaureate program with me, so he was sorta insulated from the classic "dumb" racists, but you still have to traverse the hallways and life exists outside of school. Didn't keep up after graduation though.

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Championship game needs to be called the Battle for Buc-ees

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I think that was the intent. OP is also the OP of that thread lmao. Maybe he also just wants us to know?

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See, that was my take on it, but I have noticed a shift, somewhat recently. I check /popular every now and then just to see what's happening around the internet, and they'd always pop up. It's gotten distinctly more "accepting" of taxation and stuff. I literally thought this yesterday, like "am I crazy or has it flipped a bit".

I wouldn't quote me on sub narratives, my browsing is sporadic at best, but that's what I'm remembering.

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I very vaguely remember that lol,now that you mention it

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Which is why I'm so regretfully enjoying it. It plays well despite being a Ubisoft game lol

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Oh no idea. I'd imagine so, it was a fairly big app on Reddit

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