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I've seen a lot more goofy statements like this, to the point that it feels purposeful. Find a small article that's growing, about a topic that people are interested, and make totally incorrect statements about "Dems" and then just shuffle off when challenged on them.

Democrats wholeheartedly support unions, advocate for the rights of workers, and support the rights of the people, whereas Conservatives do not. They take a more business-oriented stance that fights against unions, providing better results for business owners.

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On one hand, this will fucking suck....however, no one will be able to argue that global warming isn't real as this will be the very real consequences to ignoring climate change.

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Yeah. It's bad. In case anyone can't see the writing on the wall, they are going to give everyone vouchers so that they can afford to leave public schools and go to private schools and then gut them later.

The vouchers will further tank public schools. Republicans will then be able to argue that public schools are failing, that attendance rates as abysmal, and they should shut down funding to them (and conservative voters will eat that shit up as their entire world view is based on sound bites they got from Fox News). I bet the voucher programs don't last much longer after that once there is no alternative.

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The Spice Melange!

The Spice must flow!

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An all powerful sky wizard can do whatever he wants. Imaginary Sky Daddy can be rendered in whatever way he see fits without people like you "defining" how he does and doesn't work.

It's all just goofy conjecture anyways used to control people. "Murder in the name of" and all that insanity.

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This is fucked. They are allowing your tax dollars to be used for Christian Fundamentalist Schools. All that fear mongering about "brainwashing" your kids with CRT and the LGBT-agenda in public schools that never existed, and the Republicans are literally trying to push a religious agenda down the throats of this citizens of this state.

How long before girls are banned from the higher level STEM classes and instead required to take Home Ec and urged to be stay at home mothers and wives, you know, like Harrison Butker and his wife suggested?

We are fucking backsliding as a society....

LO-fucking-L (
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"The court’s three liberal justices dissented from Wednesday’s order. Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan indicated only that they would have denied the requests to put the federal court’s ruling on hold. Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson dissented, explaining that in her view it is too early for Purcell to apply and there was no reason for the Supreme Court to intervene at this stage."

No, they dissented due to, in their argument, a principle that they believe should not be used in this decision. They believe that this case should not have been decided by the Supreme Court and instead let the lower courts decision stay, that there was no reason for them to get them involved.

So, back to your main statement, do the "Dems" still want to change things up? Or was your statement perhaps a bit antagonistic and meant to rile up the next moron that lacks the ability to read and properly comprehend a news article?

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Not sure where you got that from as the article states that the new set of plaintiffs are not black and are claiming that its racist.

From another article: "Nine days later, a group of 12 white voters went to a different federal court, where they argued that S.B.8 is an unconstitutional racial gerrymander – that is, it sorted voters based primarily on their race."

Please. By all means, explain where you got "the Dems" from this. Good luck!

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When and where? You want Rule of Thumb, or do I get dealer's choice?

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Everyone should have a Dremel. Damn thing is so useful.

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What? You don't want zoodles of mayonnaise added to your tuna brine?

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