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She got more than she Home Bargained for

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Honestly if you do truly value having control over your privacy take this advice to heart. There are so many good Linux options now that are even easier than Windows to install. All it takes is a few clicks. You can even choose which UI you prefer in many cases. All those previous barriers to entry no longer exist.

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The most cynical view is likely the right one when trying to understand management decisions. They come with disingenuous anecdotes rather than hypotheses that can be falsified by data and real measurable transparent business outcomes.

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Not that it excuses his behavior but isn't he on the autism spectrum? People on the spectrum sometimes have no filter and are very literal. Like saying a 13 year old is more adolescent than child.

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Jesus there is some hard cop-sucking cope here. A govt sanctioned gang member shows up and shoots a 15 year old. This self-aggrandizing hero kills a kid rather than retreating and licking his wounded ego. This is not public service. These are cowards who immediately soil themselves at the first sign of danger and then pat each other's soiled bottoms over how brave they are when they kill someone.

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The other choice is what most humans would do. That's remove yourself from what you perceive as a dangerous situation. I know it hurts fee fees when ego is on the line but better than killing someone.

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And gives middle managers another way to misinterpret sh1t they don't understand.

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I don't think it's possible to agree more with this. This would be the strongest fodder for the existence of pure evil if one were to argue that position.

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We as a society have really dropped the ball on the low IQ population among us. We need more options that don't include giving them guns. We can give them badges if they want - and whatever quasi military rank they prefer without giving them the means to kill us.

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Agreed on all of that. As I understand it, periods of better worker markets make for less of that nonsense people are willing endure. I've seen a recent trend of corporations turning up the BS because the job market has been tightening up and people are less willing to take risks.

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Appreciate the reply. It is important to note that even those states require reasonable articulable suspicion of an actual crime and that the person is detained under such articulable suspicion. If you invoked your 4th and 5th amendment right even under those circumstances, they would have the burden to articulate in court the specific crime and why they believed you were involved in that crime. Stop and ID is a bit misleading as it still requires specific narrow suspicion that is tied to an actual crime and the person is detained under that context.

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NextDNS is another option that'll give you PiHole level control and customization. I will say PiHole is pretty easy to get up and running tho.


Will anyone actually buy this argument?

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