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I am running multiple screens from different brands. Because they are not the same, they must be set to different brightness values to look the same.

The problem is that whenever I boot up, the Plasma brightness setting is changed, or Night Light kicks in, Plasma sets all my screens to the same value. This results in one screen being too bright and the other too dark. Every time this happens I must change the value back manually in my screen's built-in menu, which is annoying.

In the Gamma settings panel there appears to be an upcoming feature where different screens can be set to different values but it is grayed out for the moment (running Plasma 6.0.4 on Tumbleweed).

How do I disable this feature while I'm waiting for the ability to set individual brightness values to individual screens to come around?

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How are you setting them to different values in the first place?

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By using the physical buttons on the display units. But then Plasma changes those settings back whenever it has a chance.

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