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For 4 days, the c-root server maintained by Cogent lost touch with its 12 peers.

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The lag was further noted on Mastodon.

Wow, they are referencing mastodon now, instead of twitter. Progress!

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They don't really have a choice, as that's where most infosec people went.

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Had no idea. Good to know that they are capable of getting out of that viscous ceXpool. There are still too many people stuck in there.

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So essentially someone or group at a 3 letter agency screwed the pooch?

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Maybe it just needed some "me" time. Don't judge.

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Cogent hasn't released any details, but it could've been anybody. From the mastodon thread, it seems like they're in the middle of a dispute with other networks, so who knows. Might've been the competition, might've been the Russians, might been some 5 eyes, might've been a 3 letter agency, maybe even unrelated hackers... who knows.

Given Cogent only updated after they were notified, either they didn't know (which is worrisome), or they did and the public notification was them getting called out, which might mean it was intentional. IMO, they should be forced to release details since they are an important part of the internet.

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Probably a cosmic ray or some very obscure bit flip.

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