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Compelling villains are written with a deeper motivation for their actions than just 'hurt people' or 'be evil' and they have a tendency to challenge the status quo in some way. Such villains become sympathetic because the current status quo is oppressive.

It must be very difficult to write a villain for a contemporary piece of media because they can very quickly become a hero of the people.

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Proof that neither following the law nor traditional morality are being appreciated by today's youth.

The reason for that should be obvious.

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You can always fish out of water a villain. Their solution could sound reasonable where they come from, but during the quest for enlightenment be made clearly wrong, and they refuse to change. Breaking that step can turn the audience.

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The problem is you can also make the villain a manchild whos sick of people not agreeing with him and the internet will call him based

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based jack horner

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Basically the Ghoul from Fallout

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he aint the villain though, more an anti-hero or something like that

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Fair enough, although he still does a lot of evil shit and everyone instantly forgives him and loves him.
I'm not knocking it, I'm one of those people.

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Is that emperor georgiou? Although tbf the series tried to awkwardly put their own halo on her

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Pretty sure it was just the series doing that. I'm so glad that S31 project has been scaled back to a one off special.

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The Death Star was an inside job. Emperor Palpatine is a good guy who brought peace and prosperity to the Galaxy. What the so-called Rebel Alliance terrorist organization did was wrong, and I'm tired of pretending it was not.

Also Gandalf was a demagogue taking advantage of the naive and gullible in order to set Middle Earth back centuries, all because racial supremacist elves desired to overthrow the human kingdoms and install their puppet Aragorn. They've used new age mysticism to bamboozle the masses! Wake up, sheeple!

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"Sure she has done a genocide or two but look at that rack!" - Esdeath fans

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"I can fix her" said the weabo as he hurtled towards the mass of simps spouting the same.

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A morally grey character is one that commits the most heinous shit, but is also hot

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Oh god that series caught me off guard

Tap for spoilerWhen main characters started dropping like flies I wasn’t prepared for that.

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I do recommend the manga, its way less... bloodthirsty (still thirsty af tho)

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Whats the name of the series? I can't read sor get context clues from this messages.

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Akame ga Kill!

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Vegeta literally blew up entire planets before he became an anti-hero type. He never really reformed, he kind of just got bored being evil.

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Is the villain crying in the last panel??

[-] [email protected] 35 points 1 month ago

That's because he IS Pagliacci.

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The most famous villian .... The Joker ... a highly intelligent, creative, insightful and philosophical individual compared to some billionaire in a bat costume with a mouthful of gravel.

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I miss the "World's Greatest Detective" Batman.

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Plus back before the woke liberal agenda took over the media he was always talking about "boners" which I can relate to.

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Something something hockey pads.

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they knew exactly what they were doing when they made the villain so goddamn hot

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