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I almost posted this to Politics, but since it is a call to "The Left" couched in terms of the people of the U.S. Democratic Party (rather than to its leaders), I thought it might be more suitable to Socialism.

In addition to talking about Project 2025 and the need to fracture the coalition that wants aristocracy, Doctorow writes this:

What's more, there's a much stronger natural coalition that the left can mobilize: workers. Being a worker – that is, paying your bills from wages, instead of profits – isn't an ideology you can change, it's a fact. A Christian nationalist can change their beliefs and then they will no longer be a Christian nationalist. But no matter what a worker believes, they are still a worker – they still have a irreconcilable conflict with people whose money comes from profits, speculation, or rents. There is no objectively fair way to divide the profits a worker's labor generates – your boss will always pay you as little of that surplus as he can. The more wages you take home, the less profit there is for your boss, the fewer dividends there are for his shareholders, and the less there is to pay to rentiers

The alternative to a worker-led Democratic Party is a Democratic Party run by its elites, whose dictates and policies are inescapably illegitimate. As Hamilton Nolan writes, the completely reasonable (and extremely urgent) discussion about Biden's capacity to defeat Trump has been derailed by the Democrats' undemocratic structure.

To limit Biden's harms, leftists have to take over the Democratic Party and the progressive movement, so that he's hemmed in by his power base. To limit Trump's harms, leftists have to identify the fracture lines in the right coalition and drive deep wedges into them, shattering his power base.

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Update: it was an issue with API keys due to a previous install.

Update 2: new problem, qBittorrent has an I/O issue, probably involving the final destination for the media: my Synology NAS. Any advice here is appreciated.

Update 3: I was having issues with mapping my Synology NAS as the root folders, so I restarted the *arrs and now they are unreachable. The solution was to reinstall them without uninstalling them because my computer is weird.

Once a year I try setting up Prowlarr, Sonarr, and Radarr and I felt confident so I reinstalled them. The *arrs are connected to qBittorrent (all tests succeeded) and Prowlarr (again, tests succeeded) and vice versa. I added every indexer that I could successfully connect to (which was most of them) and currently have all of the web UIs open : which work as expected. Everything seems to be communicating and functioning as intended so I tested Radarr. I found a popular movie and started monitoring it, this was about 30 minutes ago. It hasn't shown up in qBittorrent and I'm not sure what I'm missing; can someone help me troubleshoot? In other words, how do I know definitively that this movie I have selected will download and when will it download?

"WTF‽" (i.imgur.com)
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“I can still remember when doner kebabs were sold for €3.50,” reminisced one teenager amid calls for a price brake to stop rising kebab costs.

The German capital is the birthplace of that ubiquitous European fast food, the doner kebab, and it shows.

Kebab shops line streets of many German cities, particularly in Berlin, and the scent of roasting, skewered meat is never far off.

Some two-million doner kebabs — meat wrapped in bread, topped with sauces and vegetables — are consumed a day in Germany, according to an industry association, quite a lot for a country of 83 million people. And the doner kebab has even supplanted the old stalwart, the currywurst — fried veal sausage topped with ketchup and curry powder — as the most popular fast-food dish in the country, according to a 2022 survey.


Interesting workflow.

Of course the fact that Nate uses Thunderbird instead of KMail explains a lot. One day I hope KMail/Akonadi get the attention/work they need to become viable options.


A California-based startup called Savor has figured out a unique way to make a butter alternative that doesn’t involve livestock, plants, or even displacing land. Their butter is produced from synthetic fat made using carbon dioxide and hydrogen, and the best part is —- it tastes just like regular butter.


Sulla estinzione dei reati in materia di salute e sicurezza sul lavoro

Per l'estinzione dei reati di cui all'art. 24 del d.lgs. 758/1994 il contravventore deve eliminare le violazioni secondo quanto indicato dall'organo di vigilanza e poi provvedere al pagamento della sanzione amministrativa nel termine di trenta giorni.


The shooter was 12 when Trump was first elected. archive


I'll give the whole story if anyone wants it


GoDaddy really lived up to its bad reputation and recently changed their API rules. The rules are simple: either you own 10 (or 50) domains, you pay $20/month, or you don't get the API. I personally didn't get any communication, and this broke my DDNS setup. I am clearly not the only one judging from what I found online. A company this big gating an API behind such a steep price... So I will repeat what many people said before me (being right): don't. use. GoDaddy.

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