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A 66-year-old suspect was arrested at the scene, police said.

Two children are dead and 15 people were injured after a woman drove her car into a child's birthday party, Sheriff Troy Goodnough said in a press conference Saturday evening.

The two children who were pronounced dead at the scene were siblings, an 8-year-old girl and a 5-year-old boy, according to police.

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Brandon O’Quinn Rasberry, 32, was shot in the head in 2022 while he slept at an RV park in Nixon, Texas, about 60 miles (97 kilometers) east of San Antonio, investigators said. He had just moved in a few days before.

The boy’s possible connection to the case was uncovered after sheriff’s deputies were contacted on April 12 of this year about a student who threatened to assault and kill another student on a school bus. They learned the boy had made previous statements that he had killed someone two years ago.

The boy was taken to a child advocacy center, where he described for interviewers details of Rasberry’s death “consistent with first-hand knowledge” of the crime, investigators said.

Hacker News feed (lemmy.world)
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[email protected] used to be a feed posting things from the orange site. It stopped 3 months ago. Does anyone know how to get it back in action, or is there another somewhere else I can subscribe to?

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a statement condemning sanctions on the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) after a report surfaced claiming that the Biden administration is set to blacklist a unit for alleged human rights violations in Gaza.

Top U.S. officials, including President Joe Biden, have been increasingly critical of Israel's military offensive in the besieged territory, where the mounting civilian death toll has sparked protests around the world.

When asked at a news conference in Italy on Friday about reports that the State Department has recommended the blacklisting of certain Israeli units from receiving U.S military aid over possible human rights abuses in the West Bank, Secretary of State Antony Blinken did not outright confirm the reports but said results are expected "very soon."

Adding to the friction between the U.S. and longtime ally Israel, an Axios report published on Saturday stated that within days Blinken is expected to announce sanctions against the IDF's "Netzah Yehuda" battalion for alleged human rights abuses.

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Everytime I look at small problems or big global problems, if you follow the money trail, it all leads to some billionaire who is either working towards increasing their wealth or protecting their wealth from decreasing.

Everything from politics, climate change, workers rights, democratic government, technology, land rights, human rights can all be rendered down to people fighting another group of people who defend the rights of a billionaire to keep their wealth or to expand their control.

If humanity got rid of or outlawed the notion of any one individual owning far too much money than they could ever possibly spend in a lifetime, we could free up so much wealth and energy to do other things like save ourselves from climate change.

banaynay (mander.xyz)
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Discussion questions:

What video games have you played recently?

What are your favorite video game genres?

Question of the week:

What games coming out in 2024 are you most anticipating? Or games that are coming out sometime in the future?

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I am trying to cut out Reddit from my life but I'm always ending up re-installing it because I simply don't know what do with my time. We have two small kids (1y and 3y) so I can't simply just read more, train more, play games, watch TV, etc.

It's rather.. Reddit filled those small micro breaks I get throughout the day. When I have a few minutes on my own when my wife has the kids.

Lemmy is nice but it's just not enough content to fill this need. I have been thinking about Blinkist or reading something lighter on my phone (something which is easy to take a break from whenever).

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Peer-to-peer file transfers in your browser Cooked up by Alex Kern & Neeraj Baid while eating Sliver @ UC Berkeley.

Using WebRTC, FilePizza eliminates the initial upload step required by other web-based file sharing services. When senders initialize a transfer, they receive a "tempalink" they can distribute to recipients. Upon visiting this link, recipients' browsers connect directly to the sender’s browser and may begin downloading the selected file. Because data is never stored in an intermediary server, the transfer is fast, private, and secure. (Your PC must be online while the recipient download the file(s), if you shutdown the PC or goes offline, the download also stops)

You can selfhost it or use the official instance


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The US risks losing its military presence in another African country as the government of Chad sent a letter threatening to end a critical security agreement, according to four US sources, a move that threatens to cede more US influence in the region to Russia.

In a letter sent to the US defense attaché last week, Chadian officials threatened to cancel the Status of Forces Agreement, or SOFA, which determines the rules and conditions under which US military personnel can operate in the country. While the letter did not directly order the US military to leave Chad, the officials told CNN that it said all US forces would have to leave the French base in N’Djamena.

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Stanley Kubrick, the relentless perfectionist who directed some of cinema’s greatest classics, was so sensitive to criticism that, in 1970, he threatened legal action to block publication of a book which dared to discuss flaws in his films.

The director of Spartacus and 2001: A Space Odyssey, warned the book’s author and publisher that he would fight “tooth and nail” and “use every legal means at his disposal” to prevent its publication – and he did.

Now, 25 years after his death, the book Kubrick did not want anyone to read is being published, more than half a century late.

The Magic Eye: The Cinema of Stanley Kubrick by Neil Hornick now has three prefaces reflecting its subject’s ruthlessness in trying to block publication and control his image.

Hornick, now 84, from London, said Kubrick’s legal threats had come as a shock: “I regard it as a painful episode.”

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The Conservative MP under fire for his ancestors’ role in Caribbean slavery is in line for a multimillion-pound payout from the Barbados government.

Despite threats to make Richard Drax pay reparations and seize his family’s plantation – described by one historian as a “killing field” of enslaved Africans – the government is now planning to pay market value for 21 hectares (about 15 football pitches) of his land for housing.

The move has angered many Barbadians, especially those who say the Drax family played a pivotal role in the development of slavery-based sugar production and the Barbados slave code in the 17th century. This denied Black Africans basic human rights, including the right to life.

Critics have called the planned deal an “atrocity” and said this is “one plantation that the government should not be paying a cent for”.

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Hey people! I want to learn typst, a modern alternative to LaTeX written in Rust.


Typst can incrementally compile the files to PDF.

Ironically, there is no incrementally refreshing PDF viewer afaik. So for direct visual output of my progress, I would like the fastest, smoothest PDF viewer.

  • Firefox loads too slow
  • Okular fast but nonremovable popup and "dancing text" on load

It can be as small and minimal for that task as possible.


  1. Smooth reload (fade or else) to not flicker
  2. Fast refresh
  3. Incremental loading ?
  4. Generally solid
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The House on Saturday passed a $95 billion aid package that includes two long-awaited bills with $60.8 billion of Ukraine aid and $26 billion in aid to Israel.

The Ukraine bill, which passed with 311 votes in favor, 112 votes against, and one present, will now head to the Senate alongside the Israel aid bill and two others — one with aid for Taiwan and another that forces Tiktok's parent company to sell it.

Guess The Song (lemmy.ca)
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Prompt was the full lyrics of a song. Test your lyrical knowledge and try guessing this song title. Genre is Classic Rock.

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Image text: "Fact: 90% of Linux users switch back to windows right before all their problems are about to be fixed"

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shrooms? (lemmy.ml)
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