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Today the Lemmy.fan family of frontends brings you something completely new:

daring.lemmy.fan! (or, DLF for short)

DLF runs the latest, cutting-edge release of Lemmy. The instance is separate from Lemmy.fan in that accounts, subscriptions, etc are not copied from Lemmy.fan. DLF is federated, however, so comments and communities can be made and posted across the fediverse.

It should go without saying, but daring.lemmy.fan is very much a sandbox and not anything to be trusted with permanent data. Though we prefer to rollback the database if we come across any issues, it may be necessary to wipe things and start completely over.

Hey, that's the joy and beauty of cutting-edge, open-source for you! Enjoy it! Frolic!

A one-time email verification is required to keep the spammers and scammers at bay.

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It was great fun, I improved my soldering skills and gained my first experience with ESPs. Ask me anything. :D


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Now that airlines have started adding wheel locks to their drink carts, less than half of flights have one accidentally fall out through the hole.

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Hi all, I bought a gaming PC with the intention of installing Linux to play recent games. I chose AMD for the GPU because I know the drivers are more optimized on Linux.

After receiving and assembling my machine, I installed Fedora without any problem. I found a lot of software on Github to replace the proprietary software for my AIO and headphones. Everything worked the first time except.... Steam! Unable to launch it, black window which restarted in a loop.

After searching on the internet, I found that it was enough to modify PrefersNonDefaultGPU on steam to solve my problem (but I understand that ordinary people do not want to bother with this kind of hack and prefer the windows experience that works out of the box).

Then I installed Cyberpunk and.... well the game runs at 120fps in ultra, what more can I say... Oh yes, the keyboard preset is in Qwerty even though I have an azerty keyboard (sorry Baguette) and in the first hour of play, I was able to notice a bug in a rather disturbing shadow/light and in the drops of water on a windshield which appeared and disappeared in a strange way.

So with my €1500 machine I got a little upset... and I wanted to install Windows out of curiosity.

Installation is...complicated! No driver for my network card, a ton of software that I don't need, in short, Windows...

I installed steam, launched Cyberpunk and... my keyboard is recognized, 120 fps too (I am offered raytracing which does not interest me and makes me lose fps but it is available) and in the first hour of play NONE bug.

So here I am, I hate Windows, but it runs my games better than Linux and I'm really lost. I've just discovered Nobara, I would have loved to try it but I'm tired of starting the first 3 hours of cyberpunk again and I'm convinced that I'll have some graphical bugs with it.

(also another problem, there are too many Linux distributions, too much choice kills choice)

TDLD: I bought an expensive computer to play under Linux, but a few bugs made me reluctantly install Windows.

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Day 2: Cube Conundrum

Megathread guidelines

  • Keep top level comments as only solutions, if you want to say something other than a solution put it in a new post. (replies to comments can be whatever)
  • Code block support is not fully rolled out yet but likely will be in the middle of the event. Try to share solutions as both code blocks and using something such as https://topaz.github.io/paste/ or pastebin (code blocks to future proof it for when 0.19 comes out and since code blocks currently function in some apps and some instances as well if they are running a 0.19 beta)


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PlayStation To Delete A Ton Of TV Shows Users Already Paid For::Sony says Mythbusters and more Discovery TV shows are going away whether you bought them or not

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Curious to see the impact of lemmies and what we freaks are up to.

For me, I was in the 0.05% of The National (don’t ask lol) which apparently have 5.9M monthly listeners..

My wife was in 0.05% of Mallrat listeners over 1.8M monthly listeners..

Not to imply direct correlation between the two numbers of course.

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Stolen from Deltachat

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The higher the number, the greater the government’s justification for compelling polluters to reduce the emissions that are dangerously heating the planet. During the Obama administration, White House economists calculated the social cost of carbon at $42 a ton. The Trump administration lowered it to less than $5 a ton. Under President Biden, the cost was returned to Obama levels, adjusted for inflation and set at $51.

The new estimate of the social cost of carbon, making its debut in a legally binding federal regulation, is almost four times that amount: $190 a ton.

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Macaulay Culkin, who played the eight-year-old Kevin McCallister in Home Alone, has unveiled his Walk of Fame star on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles.

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Elon has lost his wife, his kids, 40 billion dollars, and his space ship crashed. It's like a genre of country music that doesn't even exist yet.

Picture of Elon, not at his best.

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I was supposed to post this last week, but got delayed because of Thanksgiving. Hope you all had a fun time.

I finished The House at Sea’s End by Elly Griffiths. It was an okay read, not bad, but thinking about getting into another crime series with more action / mystery and less relationship stuff. But I have got the next 5-6 books so will read them.

Read the next Dresden Files novel, Blood Rites by Jim Butcher. I feel the quality of writing has improved a lot since the first couple of novels. This one felt a bit less intense than the last one, but liked the character developments.

Read Jujitsu Kaisen, Vol 4, not much to say about it. More action, more silliness.

Currently reading The Black Company by Glen Cook. I have the omnibus (Chronicles of the Black Company) which has first three books, so may end up reading all three as one book. The writing style is a bit weird, but I think I have gotten used to it.

What about all of you? What have you been reading or listening? Or have read and listened in last 2-3 weeks?

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