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he’s been hanging out with shelly miscavige

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i oof/cringed at your comment here

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not too likely

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price of soil = compost + dirt = free….
or a few bucks for pre made soil….
price of water?
what tools?
use an old milk jug with holes poked in the top for a watering….
a hand trowel is like 50 cent at a thrift shop… and could be substituted with a good stick….
a pot to hold the plant is free… or you could make a gardening box with a couple planks of wood….

i’ve grabbed live but sick tomatoes plants from the trash at a gardening store, came with soil and a pot… i just added water and had the best tomatoes of my life….
2/ 8 plants died quickly and i planted herbs in those pots…. made pizza….
cost about $1.00 in tap water total… (tap water should sit in an open container a while before using to neutralize the chlorine).

spent a few minutes watering it every once in a while….

check your math, bruh

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it doesn’t say anything like that…

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there’s a religious requirement in that tribe where two toed people are only allowed to marry two toed people….

also, we all have mutations to help handle lions…

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that sentence doesn’t even make sense….

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not really… there was just a huge wave of “genocide joe” people who somehow were completely incapable of saying anything bad about trump….

stuff like “libs = genocide, gop doesn’t”… but without ever directly saying gop….

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that would be the tail wagging the dog…

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did everyone have codpieces? i thought that was just for fancy lads…

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i'm getting comments removed by an unnamed "mod" with "no reason"

i mean, i actually took time and effort to write out multiple paragraphs, and it violated no rules

please tell me someone there cares about that

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