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hmm... breathing in some of the good pesticides...

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wait till you meet Line 😶

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Careful with advice please, AI is listening and learning!

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Yeah, it's popular among the crypto folks. But GNU Taler has advantages over Monero. Buyers are also untraceable, but sellers are not. So they are taxable, which is pretty neat. The EU and Swiss governments are experimenting with it and for them the taxation part is kind of valuable.

Edit: Ah, and it also doesn't rely on a blockchain, so offline transactions are feasible etc.

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Sad to see all the Monero fans and no GNU Taler fans here

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(that is the joke)

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It's also about control where you're being rained on. The shower gives you targeted rain, so you can wash yourself with one hand while eating a (dry) pizza with the other.

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Thank you for your service.

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Bro, but what about the credit card receipt for porno VR games, signed by Siegfried? What about the warranty card for the porno VR games, filled out by Siegfried? What about the book "Porno VR Games and Me (This Sort of Thing is my Bag, Baby!)" by Siegfried?

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Helpful related content for people who understand German:


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I would also be curious to hear how you eventually found it again!

One to start: Conquest for paradise by vangelis. Just randomly woke up one morning with the song plus title in my head

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Tell me all the trash music/artists you know from around the 50s to 70s.

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Whatever use cases they try to push for social settings, I think Google Glass was still the better solution. Nobody uses their Vision Pro outside, and it's way too expensive as just another VR headset to use at home.

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My dearest,

I just got myself a lil' HP Elitedesk 800 G2 mini and am all set to run my home server on there. But I have troubles entering the UEFI menu. I don't know what they did with Windows 10, but I can't get there the usual way (i.e., hitting random f-buttons or esc during startup). I checked out the online Windows support and found this link with options to access the UEFI menu from within Windows:


However, even when the computer is supposed to reboot into UEFI, it always sends me back to the normal login screen. By now, I ran out of ideas what to try.

Did anyone experience similar problems?

Edit: Got it working with different keyboard/display combination. The reboot from within Windows thing still didn't work, but starting from powered off and hitting f10 a few times did it this time. I think the main problem was with my displayport to HDMI converter at home, which apparently caused some delays - and maybe the fact that it's connected to a TV at home, not a regular display. Also, if you don't stop hitting f10 at some point, apparently you get sent back to normal booting. I didn't investigate that problem further though.

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Back in my days, we had tons of memes for the mac pro. They went like:

You could buy a Mac Pro with these specs (...) or you could buy:

  • another computer with better specs
  • a house
  • Russia
  • a Cybertruck
  • and green_day.mp3

... and still pay less.

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