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Waiting for this game to inevitably go free 2 play considering the monetization they have. Any day now.

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If your horror game doesn't do this, it loses points in my eyes. I want a final chapter that makes me think "Damn, he really is The Evil Within(tm)"


For reference: A 100,000 hour ban is ~11.4 years.

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I had exactly the same experience. I played Ghosts of Tsushima after Elden Ring and Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, I was surprised how shallow the mainstream open world games are. I don't hate them, but the gameplay really boils down to:

  • Walk slowly while characters talk to eachother for 5 minutes

  • Open the map, click on where you need to go, then walk in a straight line to your objective

  • Trail an enemy without being seen

  • Liberate an enemy camp (kill the same 3 enemies and collect the 5000 twinkly useless items in the area)

The Elden Ring withdrawal is really hitting me. Most AAA games are trying so hard to be cinematic and movie-like that it's boring me to tears.

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Sometimes you just want to eat dry food and noodles is a cheap way to do that and is always around.

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I'm surprised it ever got renewed for season 2 considering everyone's reaction to season 1

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Kitboga is a legend for still doing this

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I thought it was my turn to repost this today

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The report says that Valve has ~350 employees total, and of those employees only 80 actually work on Steam as a storefront. The rest are working on their games and hardware.


Whatever Apple paid must've been worth it to go through with this.

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Lil Gator Game sounds right up your alley.

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It went on for roughly 3 days. Canvas happened last year this time and it'll happen again next year, so keep a look out.

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Man, I enjoyed Battlerite before the company decided to kill it.

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