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Germany finds itself in a situation where it is being asked to side with some Jews against others.

The headline was thought up by the activist organization Jewish Voice for Peace which says its account with a Berlin bank has been frozen — and not for the first time. The group claims that the German police “have been politically persecuting us as a Jewish organization for some time,” and that it “will not be intimidated by this… arbitrary, politically motivated freezing of our account, which is unacceptable in a democracy.”

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Israeli forces shot dead a 13-year-old Palestinian boy during a raid in the occupied West Bank

A report was later received regarding a Palestinian minor who was killed, the military said.
"The circumstances of the incident are under review," it said in a statement to Reuters.

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You wrote:

So they want to get him off the street as the violent criminal he is?

I asked:

You have the impression only criminals get sentenced to prison?

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You have the impression only violent criminals get sentenced to go to prison?

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Dodgy dude full of himself by all accounts apparently. Who knows what he and his buddies have been doing off camera.

[edit: relevant informative article Luis Rubiales: these seven tactics made his speech excusing his assault on Jenni Hermoso a textbook case in silencing women ]

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An Israeli attack on an emergency response center in Lebanon killed seven people. Another set of strikes on Syria killed several soldiers and an Iranian military adviser

Despite the UN Security Council adopting a resolution on a ceasefire in Gaza, peace remains elusive with Israel’s continued attacks on Palestinians and other countries in the region.

In the past 24 hours, Israeli forces carried out several airstrikes in Lebanon and Syria, killing over a dozen people. Early on Wednesday, March 27, its forces bombed an emergency response center at al-Habbariyeh in southern Lebanon’s Nabatieh region killing at least seven people.

The attack followed another Israeli air strike in northern Lebanon’s Bekaa region where at least four other Lebanese were killed. The strike on Bekaa was the second attack on northern Lebanon since October 8 when Israel began bombing the country

There were 12 people inside the response center at al-Habbariyeh at the time of the attack. All of them were paramedics and volunteers involved in rescue and relief work, Al Jazeera reported.


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Yes, zionism does have that effect to a society, cause it's settler colonialism.

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Archive link

Why are Israeli soldiers uploading photos of themselves inside Gazan homes or with Palestinian detainees to their dating profiles? Beyond the 'uniform effect' which turned U.S. firefighters into heroes after September 11, some experts say the violent militarism seen on dating apps is leading to disturbing trends in Israeli society – online and off

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Gantz's upcoming visit to the US has reportedly triggered tensions between him and Netanyahu, as trips must be approved first by the Prime Minister.

Netanyahu has made clear to Gantz that Israel "only has one prime minister," the outlet reported.

The war cabinet minister is set to travel to the UK capital London following his trip to Washington.

Gantz’s visit comes as the US has continued efforts to help mediate a ceasefire deal between Israel and Hamas in time for the holy Muslim month of Ramadan, which due to begin around March 10.

Additionally, Gantz’s visit comes as Biden – a long-term ally of Israel – warned Tel Aviv will risk "losing additional international support" if it maintains its "incredibly conservative government", in reference to Netanyahu’s cabinet which has been described as the most extreme in Israel’s 70-year history.

The current cabinet also consists of a number of ministers who have made incendiary comments expressing racism towards Palestinians and calling for violence against civilians in Gaza. Among them are National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir and Social Equality Minister May Golan.

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In the birth-place of fascism, they have elected a fascist. Fascists have historically supported Zionism, not Palestine. For me the fact that students in Italy protest for Palestine is loud enough to give me hope.

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This article doesn't mention that -once more- this famine is due to british colonial biopolitics:

The colonial strategies and utilitarian principles by the British authorities exacerbated the Bengal famine. Utilizing Foucault’s concept of biopolitics, I point out how the British viewed Indian bodies discursively. To reaffirm their sense of superiority, they reduced their Indian subjects to animal-like beings’ incapable of controlling their own reproduction.

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Three million died in the 1943 Bengal famine - one man is collecting the remaining survivors' tales.

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Far-right pro-Russian party Vazrazhdane has joined the far-right Identity and Democracy group in the European Parliament, deputies from the Eurosceptic Bulgarian party announced on Wednesday after visiting Moscow at the invitation of Vladimir Putin’s United Russia party.

In Bulgaria, Vazrazhdane is the third-largest political force in the national parliament, which gives them the potential to have up to four out of a total of 17 Bulgarian MEPs in the European Parliament – which would undoubtedly help ID, currently the sixth largest group in the EU Parliament with 59 members.

According to the latest EU elections projections, the ID group is estimated to rank third, winning 92 seats in the new EU House.

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Satellite imagery and video footage have emerged suggesting that Egypt is building what appears to be a large, concrete-walled enclosure which observers believe will be used to manage a major influx of Palestinian refugees flooding out of Gaza via the Rafah crossng on its eastern border.

Yet, with the Palestinian death toll now approaching 30,000 – approximately 70% of whom are reported to be women and children – and Israel planning on invading Rafah, where upwards of a million Palestinians are huddled, the prospect of refugees spilling into the Sinai looks more and more likely.

Sisi has roundly condemned Israel’s military assault on Gaza, and is fully aware of the humanitarian catastrophe unfolding just across the border. But (...)

For a start, Egypt is in no position to absorb large numbers of Palestinian refugees.
Compounding this is Egypt’s broken economic model.

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Brazil criticized the "paralysis" of the UN Security Council on the wars in Gaza and Ukraine as it opened a G20 meeting Wednesday where the international community's deep divisions were on display.

The outlook is bleak for progress on the thorny agenda of conflicts and crises gripping the planet as foreign ministers from the world's biggest economies gather in Rio de Janeiro for the Group of 20's first high-level meeting of the year.

Opening the two-day meeting, which featured US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, Brazil's top diplomat, Mauro Vieira, said the explosion of global conflicts shows international institutions like the United Nations are not working.

"Multilateral institutions are not properly equipped to deal with the current challenges, as has been demonstrated by the Security Council's unacceptable paralysis on the ongoing conflicts" in Gaza and Ukraine, Vieira said, adding the situation was costing "innocent lives."
Founded in 1999, the G20 brings together most of the world's biggest economies.

Originally an economic forum, it has grown increasingly involved in international politics.


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China is fkin scared all this ruckus will draw attention in the end to its own treatment of the Muslims in its own country. Nothing more. They don’t give a fk on Palestine or it’s Muslim inhabitants.

I think it could be more related to the fact that China is one of the 139 of the 193 United Nations (UN) member states have recognized the State of Palestine. Since 1988.

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In the same time Israel government gives financial incentives for new a settler-colonial migration wave, notably from Western countries only.

Israeli Government to Reward New Immigrants Who Settle in Country's North, South and West Bank - Haatertz - 15 Febr 2024

Against a backdrop of growing interest in immigration to Israel from Jewish people in France, Britain, America and Canada, Israel plans to give financial aid to new 'olim' in a bid to increase immigration from Western countries

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Here is video that explains in about 12 minutes how the judicial system works in Israel:

Why Israel has so many Palestinian prisoners? - Vox - Dec 2023

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