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"Finland doesn't exist"

-Fox news

^the day will come^

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That was more a comment on obfuscation of the net. In internet you can just trow adjectives together and somebody will raise their hand, but you can never be sure if they are just putting on a role.

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Everyone is everything in the internetz.

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Don't wanna see crazy fucking shit.

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Ensinmäinen kerta vuosikymmeniin juhannuksena kotona.

Isompaa roskarisua pitäisi mennä tontilta keräämään, jota voi sitten tulijassa illalla poltella.

Kaljaa, lonkeroa, viiniä ja sekalaisia makkaroita on tarpeeksi.

Vaimon kanssa sitten tenutellaan pitkin iltaa. Naapureita huitoa kaymään, jos sattuu näkymään.

Pitäisi katsoa spotyfystä joku juhannushenkinen soittolista tai tehdä sellainen itse. Ainoa päivä vuodesta kun kuuntelen suomalaista iskelmää. Mielummin vanhaa kuin uutta.

Hyvää jussia kaikille.

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Hope it's not in the sun too long. That might have an opposite effect.

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Never personally met an atheist that had found religion or heard about one, other than in American evangelical stories, but I've met a few non-religions people who have later in life found religion. Although I live in a quite atheaistic country, so there is a lack of peer pressure or need to talk about such things.

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I even remember this as coin slot machine at a local arcade. It had trackballs as controllers. Truly unique.

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These were godly at the time, but due to storytelling, modding community and mission editors. Flight model and combat mechanics were little too "Wing Commnder" even back then. Todays space pilots would need something more in line with Elite Dangerous, Helium Rain and Star Citizen.

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Local culture is not touchy feely, but we have no problem being naked around strangers in sauna/spa environment.

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Make it strong enought to circle the Earth, so Putin gets a disgusting orange pulled pork delivered to his front door.

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