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I mean, you're being misleading, since it's calorie-free. Still deeply gross, but you're not gonna make your salad worse for your diet.

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This beggars belief. Why lure the civilians out before killing them, when you can just kill them in their camp without doing so? What could possibly be the point?

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No children should be protected from criminals.

Woa, I zoomed out to see the thread and now you're defending pedophiles? Jesus christ, you're a dumpster fire.

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So you understood me this time? It wasn't gibberish?

Not only did you apparently understand me, you also proved I was right - that you know about and support this policy. Sounds like we've achieved total communication success. And as part of that, you've admitted you want children to go parentless, it's a goal of yours.

Bear in mind we are not discussing criminals, because the parents were not separated to prison. That's a false flag you're raising to distract form the key point that you actively want to maximize human suffering. In children.

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To be clear in case I wasn't, I was referring to semiautomatic firearms. In general, only the military will carry fully automatic weapons around as a matter of course. Similarly, I'm referring to (relatively) lower caliber than the military - I wouldn't expect a cop to casually carry around a rifle chambered in .50, although I certainly would expect a shotgun for e.g. breaching a door when necessary.

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Oh, that's possible. I tend to instinctively assume American rules wherever I go since they're what I know, and we virtually never deploy our military domestically, so I wouldn't have thought to try to distinguish cops from the military.

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Your wife

Semi said "ex".

you'll probably get laid

Again, "ex".

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How does someone come to a point where police going around with an AR-15 is even legal, much less common?

I've only seen this once in my life, when I was visiting Paris, and the cops were casually lounging around with rifles.

In America, generally a cop will carry a pistol, and keep rifles or shotguns in their car (in the trunk).

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If it passes there, it could bring Colorado in line with 10 other states — including California, New York and Illinois — that have prohibitions on semiautomatic guns. 

Zero states ban semiautomatic firearms.

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I don't understand your question. Children can't consent, so when they would need to consent to something, their guardians are asked to consent for them. That's how e.g. all medical surgeries are performed on children.

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