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For your analogy, you can’t put more water in a sponge that is completely saturated

Trying to compress a compressed file doesn’t really work - at least not for a meaningful gain in storage size with zip, bzip, 7zip, gzip, xz, lzma…

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They’re already using HEIC/HEIF

I would be disappointed if they’re compressing it even more on iCloud. You can’t generally meaningfully compress a compressed file

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I’d disregarded compression as a possibility because the wording is “full resolution photos and videos are safely stored in iCloud”

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I never made that claim, my man

I just wanted some more information about how the on-device database corruption led to restoring pictures

Those are generally opposites

On spinning disks, it’s significantly easier to restore data after a delete, but it’s not normally as easy on flash storage like they’re using

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The article specifically states that iCloud wasn’t related to the bug

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E.g. iCloud says it’s using 13.4 GiB to store photos, Settings -> General -> iPhone Storage says I can save 15.5 GiB because they’re backed up on iCloud, and if I use idevicebackup2 to pull everything off the phone, there are 21.7 gigs of photos

I’m wondering if these discrepancies are related to the photo app not actually deleting pictures from the filesystem

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Sure, an index makes sense for quick search, but I’m confused why deleting it wouldn’t remove it from the filesystem too

Is that why iPhones seem to have no idea how much disk space they’re using?

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I’d still like a deeper dive into how database corruption led to data restoration

It seems like deleting a photo must just be removing the entry from the SQLite database, and not actually deleting the photo?

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For real, if that game was Sundberg with his arms tied behind his back, I really want to see the original vision

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In January he said the exact opposite

"If there are no trade barriers established, they will pretty much demolish most other car companies in the world," he said.

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LXC is for containers, rather than virtual machines

I was just saying “obsolete” isn’t a good description; All three still have uses depending on your goals

LXC is probably better for most people, and I think Podman is one of the best rootless container options

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