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But then you get shrinkflation in the product itself. Less emulsifiers in the soap, drinks with corn syrup replacing sugar, and powders like cinnamon cut with lead powder.

Not saying it couldn't be done, just that businesses are really incentivised to find the loopholes and exploit them.

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Cumulative WHAT?!?!

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It's a good hope, but you can bet the republicans will just use the excuse that they didn't do anything because the Dems forced them into doing nothing. While also claiming the Dems did nothing and should be voted out.

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Dealers will install a tube to let gasoline flow away from hot surfaces to the ground below the vehicle.

Let's just throw it on the ground, definitely a better solution than making sure it won't leak

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Barely legal implies they were recently illegal. Nearly illegal implies that they will soon be illegal. I don't know the max age for concent, but being with someone that far outside my age doesn't really interest me.

Edit: thought about this more..... It's illegal to fuck a corpse.... the people on the right are almost dead. I definitely don't want to fuck someone to death.

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This is what happens when you can DRM every piece of the car. Tesla is being taken as a model, and it's extremely anti consumer

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It's not remarkable they keep flying. They're in space, just moving along their vector.

It is remarkable they keep operating though.

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"South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol on February 13 ordered his administration to develop tax incentives and subsidies for companies that encourage their employees to have children."

This seems fishy to me.

Why not develop tax incentives and subsidies for the parents directly, instead of giving companies another loophole?

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Just arrived in the mail, that government setup, so you can prove to the government that you aren't part of their system, using their system....

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You really think they offered a position without already doing that, if they were going to verify employment at all?

Suggestions on bootcamps? (sh.itjust.works)
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I've been playing around with Arduino and esp for ~10yrs, just googling, copying around code snippets, and reading compiler fail logs.

I'm fed up with my lack of ability to understand larger projects and more in depth programming (pointers, objects, etc)

I'm mostly focused on embedded software (iot, iiot, etc.) So probably looking at staying with C,C++ or rust?

I'm fine with investing some $$, but don't particularly feel I want to spend more that $1k at the moment to fix my ignorance.

What bootcamps would you suggest?

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