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This would be great campaign material for other parties. You see this? This is a kid who was forced to have a baby by your legislature. Vote them out!

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Reminds me of my core engineering classes. Oh, you got half the points? Quite a success!

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Drawing political districts is a task for politicians

Ah, so he is a complete moron. I suppose next he’ll say that the presidential candidates will count their own votes?

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My brother had some Dragon Ball Z fighting game on Wii where many bosses were beatable and then the next scene shows you getting your ass handed to you.

The game didn’t make you lose. It just kind of ignored if you won for story purposes.

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Oh, I am in an engineering field. I guess that makes me an exception to the chart.

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I see. Thank you.

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I’m naïve. Where does the money go?

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I really loved the bikes in the Philippines. I was shocked how efficiently they could move people.

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Millennials attempting to kill the food industry by buying less of it. Economists baffled.

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Ah but then they know who mailed it.

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Those arguments were weak then and they are no better now after years of research trying to test whether video games cause violent behavior. I don’t think there’s a need to revisit the same argument — unless of course new information or context that changes things has been found.

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I wouldn't have Chrome installed if it weren't for those crappy school and government websites that refuse to work on anything else but Chrome.

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It would be so much more convenient for the both of us, and then he could go outside, anywhere, whenever he likes.

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I wonder how many thousands of spam bots have tried to connect to the servers and send email using text ripped from these pages federated across numerous domains.

And they can’t just block one website. They’d have to individually block every node if they want to crawl the web for email addresses to steal. I hope it’s a real thorn in their side.

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You’re indoors in the sense that you’re protected from the weather and the elements, and the cave could even have some kind of covering or entrance area that could be considered a door or doorway. People have built homes in caves.

Is caving an outside, inside activity?

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I don't know many hams nor do I chat with the same hams on a recurring basis, and my wife is only tangentially interested in radio inasmuch as it makes me happy, so I thought I'd be the life of the party and post about the best day on the air I've had yet. My aim is to share my enthusiasm with the world.

I've been a ham for about a year. I'm young (experience-wise) and still learning. Until this weekend I've been using a portable whip on my balcony combined with my President Lincoln for 10 meter contacts. My antenna mounting situation was awfully complicated, so I often left the antenna mounted several days at a time such as on the weekends. This finally bit me when the fine women who were feeding the squirrels next door moved out. The squirrels went ballistic and destroyed my antenna along with wreaking havoc on the rest of the neighborhood. They chewed through the loading coil and the coax! Preposterous. I cannot imagine what they thought to gain from doing so. Nevertheless, it put me out of commission for a while.

I think the math behind magnetic loop antennas is really cool, and I don't have much space, so I decided to try the Chameleon F-loop as my next antenna, the base model. Wow, did I have so much fun today! Tuning was tricky because of that high Q and narrow bandwidth, but I didn't realize how active the airwaves could be when you can hear clearly. My reception was so much better because my noise floor seems to be lower with the mag loop compared to the whip. I also enjoyed the directionality of the loop, giving me a new property to play with to get the best reception.

Thanks for reading!

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I really don't want to go into work tomorrow.

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This sounds like a nice step towards modernizing texting, but it's a shame that Messages doesn't have an open RCS API to encourage broad adoption across messaging apps.

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Audio Loopback App (
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On many operating systems, I can create audio loopback devices to feed audio files into another app as if it was coming from a microphone. I can also tee off audio going out to the speakers.

Is there an app that lets me redirect audio devices to perform the equivalent of connecting audio inputs and outputs on Android?

Note to moderators: while such a feature can be used for piracy, that is not my goal, and there are better methods if I was trying to be nefarious. I want to use it to feed audio samples from soundboard apps into my active phone call without having to play the sound effects through the microphone. I'd also like to use it to directly supply the output of an MP3 into another app that records my voicemail message for better quality than can be performed by simply recording through the microphone.

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Discussion from here:

Relevance: may wish to consider defederation temporarily.

Temporary fix in place, but instances remain vulnerable. Post:

  • UPDATE 2:58 UTC the injected code was removed from the main page, but cleanup efforts are still underway.
  • UPDATE 3:11 UTC situation appears to be under control, but browse with caution.
  • UPDATE 3:35 UTC main page exploited again! Website is unsafe.
  • UPDATE 4:01 UTC reports coming in that other instances are getting owned. One report of comments trying to inject JavaScript into the page.
  • UPDATE 4:13 UTC XSS vulnerability in page sidebar is reported relationship to the event is unknown.
  • UPDATE 7:17 UTC Root cause was identified a while ago.
Meet Smudge (
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Smudge, Smudgie, Puppy...

He is a four-year-old puggle. He gets bored very easily.

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