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It's only a mistaken understanding if it was accidental. For a long time all the signs are that the focus was deliberately taken off Saudi Arabia despite the known complicity of its officials, and Iraq was deliberately targeted despite the US knowing it had nothing to do with 9-11. Lies were deliberately spread to manufacture the consent of the American (and British) people for what its advocates knew to be an unjustified war.

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And again the idiot right has no idea what communism is, whether they claim to oppose it or espouse it.

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Lots of genuinely useful things and tangible improvements to look forward to on this list. What a contrast with Windows announcements these days, which are full of features that are either trivial or user-hostile.

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I think once it has taken a profile of the voice it no longer requires you to be facing the person because it can now recognize that voice among the noise. The AI but is taking an imprint of the voice and then extracting it.

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What's especially troubling is that many human programmers seem to prefer the ChatGPT answers. The Purdue researchers polled 12 programmers — admittedly a small sample size — and found they preferred ChatGPT at a rate of 35 percent and didn't catch AI-generated mistakes at 39 percent.

Why is this happening? It might just be that ChatGPT is more polite than people online.

It's probably more because you can ask it your exact question (not just search for something more or less similar) and it will at least give you a lead that you can use to discover the answer, even if it doesn't give you a perfect answer.

Also, who does a survey of 12 people and publishes the results? Is that normal?

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“Tonight, I’m happy to announce something else to you: that we will soon be hosting Prime Minister Netanyahu at the Capitol for a joint session of Congress,” Johnson said in a speech marking Israel’s independence, hosted by the Israeli Embassy.

“This will be a timely and, I think, a very strong show of support to the Israeli government in their time of greatest need,” he added.

And a show of hostility towards the tens of thousands of civilians Israel has already killed, and the millions more who are currently being starved and bombed by Israel's genocidal actions.

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Huh, I've found The GitHub Copilot better. You still can't trust it when it talks about APIs, though. Or anything else really - you have to keep your wits about you. I use it for suggestions on where to start with things, or for testing my assumptions, or for generating boilerplate code, but not for copying and pasting anything critical.

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The answer received for the pizza glue query appears to be based on a comment from a user named “fucksmith” in a more than decade-old Reddit thread, and they’re clearly joking.

Lol. And this is Google, the company that has spent decades engineering ways to sift good information from bad on the internet.

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Ecosia was affected too. It's Bing with trees.

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Israel's foreign minister Israel Katz said in a public statement that the move to recognize Palestine was a "distorted step" by the countries

Israel's National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir also condemned the move Wednesday and said the response from Israel would be to intensify its operations in Gaza—where the ICC chief prosecutor this week alleged war crimes by Israeli forces have taken place—even further. In his remarks, Ben-Gvir called for a "root treatment" for the city of Rafah, where hundreds of thousands of civilians have fled but many still remain with nowhere go.

That old right-wing refrain: "Look what you made me do!"

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Antisemitism is a form of racism and/or religious persecution that has affected Jews around the world for over two millennia, the majority of whom are unaffiliated with the Zionist state of Israel. It would be cool if you stopped making fun of it.

I don't think they're making fun of antisemitism itself. People can refuse to indulge the spurious accusations of antisemitism Israel's right-wing throws out in knee-jerk fashion every time it is criticized, and still take antisemitism seriously as a real and dangerous phenomenon with a long history. I understood the comment above yours as making fun of the former, not the latter.

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It's nothing new. I remember doing this for fun about 16 years ago, putting a WinXP machine on the internet with no firewall and waiting. Even back then, it was immediately hammered by traffic and quickly started doing dubious things.

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