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Trump's narcissism is more or less a wild card.

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someone with a serious disdain for abandoned bicycles

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The PSL’s prohibition on “horizontal”, viz., free communication between party members clearly has nothing at all to do with Leninist democratic centralism and everything to do with **Trotskyist **distortions of the very concept. Imagine if Lenin himself was not allowed correspondence with members of his own party regarding matters of the party except if his local leadership had allowed it. In the present day, imagine a scenario in which one party member was suffering abuse from another and, rather than help that member to safety and immediately launch an investigation into the matter, the instance was dismissed and covered-up under the guise of “horizontal communications”; this second scenario doesn’t need to be imagined, as it has actually happened to myself and others within the party.

https://web.archive.org/web/20210308201711/https://noviydialectic.medium.com/women-and-the-vanguard-party-why-im-resigning-from-the-psl-30453e819147 https://www.reddit.com/r/communism/comments/kjzc00/ruthless_criticism_but_keep_it_to_yourself/

Marcyist, Trotskyist, what's the difference comrade, we have newspapers to sell. Please know that I won't bad-mouth a communist party publicly, here I am among fellow Marxists (and some Anarchists), so its different.

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POV: You've joined the DSA

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For convenience of exposition, I shall deal first with the universality of contradiction and then proceed to the particularity of contradiction.

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I maintain that Marxists are better at playing the game of capitalism than "capitalists".

Was reading some of Engels letters about the stock market earlier lol

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The settler dream remains the same, 40 acres, a cleared lawn and no people around.

It is no shock that the number one complaint in our settler state by the proles is that they can no longer afford to own stolen land. Bribe us, they beg, we need our treats!

I feel uneasy when they speak of these dreams, even among my friends. I do not care to own a home, or land. I do not dream of being a landlord.

How can one possibly solve this issue? How does one change the hearts and minds of the settler? How do you make them see that the alternative - community, is better than material isolation? I do not know.

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Look man, I ain't gonna lie. I'm sitting here in my bed, and I'm finna to start a new job, right? I'm finna to start a new job, that's gonna pay me a lot of money. And this is, in any other scenario, a year, two years ago, I would be all about it. But man, all I can think about, you know, I get older, I have a kid, that kid gets a little bit older, he gonna ask me, he gonna go, "Pop, where were you when they was killing all them kids in Gaza? When they was dropping all them bombs. What were you doing?" And you know what I'm gonna have to say to my son? I'm gonna say, "I was stacking paper, son. I was getting some bread."

Could you imagine, it's Nazi Germany, and somebody said, well, they sending them to the gas chambers, train by train by train, day after day. I keep seeing them get loaded up on the news, but shit, I gotta stack my paper, I gotta get my bread. Sounds a little bit ridiculous, don't it? It sounds a little bit ridiculous. And it's got me thinking about a whole lot of things. And part of me almost feels like this job, the money that this job gonna pay me, okay, this money is a bribe. It's the system saying, hey, look, we know you don't like it, but here's some good money, man. You wanna get that paper, don't you?

Brother, I wanna get that paper more than anything I want to break the cycle. My kids ain't growing up ina dusty ass FEMA trailer park. That's all my life has been about. I remember selling snack cakes in middle school. I was selling test results in high school. I was selling whatever I needed to sell, okay? Doing whatever I needed to do. Things I can't tell you. I was working two full-time jobs before covid, 80+ hours a week sleeping in my car some nights.

But I've seen things in the last six months that would make a grown man weep. And that just is something I cannot stop thinking about. Like, what am I doing? What are we all doing? I saw a toddler melted, no skin, just sinew and burns. White phosphorous is only made in America, only in Arkansas. We did that.

We did that man.

You know, I run a website. I got a platform. I get like 5,000, 6,000 views, sometimes even 7,000 views a week. I've written article after article and I don't feel any less hollow than I did when it first started, when I first started seeing them videos. I've spread the word, I've gotten my social medias have been banned for spreading the word, but it's not enough. It's not shit. It's internet shit. That's not real shit. That kid, if I told him, well, you know, I look, I wrote an article about what they did to you. You think you feel better about what they did? It's many a nights I lost sleep thinking about the things I done seen. And I know the people who are doing these things, they sleep in the sound as a motherfucking bear in the wintertime.

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Let's take the Mussolini route, but we'll skip the filler and cut right to the ending.

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"Why are you a commie?" I like winning.

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Constantly trying to thread the needle of "my target audience is not other communists but "vibes based" leftists, punks, skaters, goths, etc.

Yet I am definitely not afraid to speak my mind, to be openly and unapologetically political. Yet I fear this will only end up alienating more than it will agitate or educate. We lack time, we lack will, so we need space, we can't build will without space. Space means culture, culture has been entirely co-opted by the system, thus you need to create a line of flight to the space (Deleuze), we can do this by working towards deterritorizing the "underground" (counter culture). In this way the 'brand' super structure itself can be detourned, re-worked into a rhizome, ergo "HOUDINI".

But thats all pretty heavy shit and I worry that the openly political nature of the detournément will alienate before the rhizome can grow. For example someone I consider to be one of the most important voices in the gaming space as it relates to the medium as an art form, that person offered to write some articles for the brand, to grow the rhizome so to speak.

This person is not openly political and I wonder to myself, does he not see the level of political discourse I attempt to engage in? If not, will learning of that push him away, limiting the growth and shrinking the space, thereby lowering the will?

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This is a massive propaganda win to delegitimize the Biden regime.

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Louisiana and slavery, the two never truly decoupled. The fact that Angola used to be a plantation just makes me sick.

https://lab2p.org/ Louisiana Books 2 Prisoners https://bighousebooksms.org/about/ Big House Books (Mississippi)

Visualization of the US Prison System https://mkorostoff.github.io/incarceration-in-real-numbers/


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The illusionary America we are lead to believe exists is dead. The "We beat the nazis and secured freedom for the world" America is dead. This was obstensibly our creation mythos. Our national myth. It was a way to restart the clock, sure our country was built on manifest destiny, ecocide, genocide, etc, but we redeemed ourselves!

If you're posting, you've long known of this farce. But the average American? It must be like whiplash to be fed stories of how we "beat the nazis" (USSR killed 75% of em) and "stopped the holocaust" (lol they let it continue even after knowing about it). And now see that no, America is a great evil, we have boots on the ground assisting in mass infant-cide.

The political line must be the dismantling of all settler-states. This is why no current party will deliver us revolution, they all want to be king of shit mountain. We need to clear away the shit, dismantle these settler states entirely. Just as there is no Israel, only Palestine, there is no America, only Turtle Island.

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If you've ever given plasma because you've been out of food in the pantry, brother I can relate.

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