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just look at how often sites tell you that you "forgot" your password, despite knowing you haven't

wtf are you talking about?

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I'm afraid this one is already taken, friend.

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Except with proper microwaves that actually reduce the power. I'm not sure if it's just Panasonic, but look for microwaves that mention inverter technology. Essentially they convert AC to DC, and then back to AC in a more controlled and adjustable manner.

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You can go fast again.

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this "digital replacement" strategy


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How is it obvious?

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Physical pain? Zero.

Did you think about this before you wrote it?

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Motorcycle, actually.

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So that's who listens to this garbage...


Hello! I am looking for suggestions for Slack alternatives that meet the following (likely impossible) criteria:

  • Modern UI
  • Self-hosted FOSS
  • Actively developed, or at least stable and maintained
  • Comprehensive API for integrations
  • Non-shit strategy for determining which device to send notifications to

Regarding UI, I am hoping to find something with a more streamlined implementation of threaded conversations - this is my primary complaint with Slack.

I know there are tons of articles on Slack alternatives, but I'm hoping for a more technical perspective. Are there any Matrix-based options that are refined enough for a small team to rely on as primary method of communication?

Thank you!

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